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I love my isp.

Ok get alod of how stupid my isp (internet service provider is)

I just got in the mail yesterday Dec 9 In the mail A letter saying they are upgrading there lines in my negighbor hood dec 6-8. (would be nice to know ahead of time lol)

But it gets even worst that letter wan't even post marked tell the 8th. And durning that time thankfuly I didnt lose service. Until the 9 (the day I got the letter)

They need to get there dates arranged. I have Time Warner Cable (I use to have Aedolphia befor Time Warner bought them) And now my internet sucks. Im switching isps soon (I hope Wink
I think u r not clear here, because i cant understand what r u saying.
Heh-he-heh. And my dialup is standing for ages. I got new telephone lone three months ago so I have great speed (for dialup) and no crashes like yours.
So switch to dialup! Very Happy
Really I plan to get a dedicated line soon, it's really cheap now, on $ it will be... 10$ setup (with cable, modem etc.) and 3$ monthly fee Very Happy
so I'm greatly happy. Hope to get it for New Year.
wats the deal with the dates?
thats the funny part Smile Can't my isp have this thing called A PLAN of action ?
whats the problem with the date? am i just slow here or is there no problem? maybe u just got the letter a bit late Confused
Its always nice to get a warning ahead of time, even when it comes in a few days after the date that their plan was scheduled for. I never had Timer Warner Cable, I always stuck with verizon. From the good old days with DSL to now with Fios.
:O I had adelphia too, now it's time warner cable.
nice, perhaps it could be an idea to send them a callendar for christmas? Laughing

Personally, here in Sweden, there are some descent ISPs to choose from. But, living in
a house it narrows down a lot. Living in a small town it narrows down even further.
Checking it turns out that there's 'no place for more connections' but from one provider,
so here we sit with a really expensive 8/.8 as only choise. At least while we moved in. So,
we signed up for 18 months to get the prices down, just to learn that a month later there
where several companies that offered us better connections at smaller price-tags...
Some of them acually could provide it, while others just sent the offers without checking
it up. So, TeenZine, I don't know, perhaps it's a world-spread deseace of ISPs Question
That is fairly useless, ive had similar experiences from companies telling me things, either really last minute or just far too late in the past as well.
rajhank wrote:
I think u r not clear here, because i cant understand what r u saying.

He is saying that he got a letter saying that his ISP is upgrading the internet or telephone lines in his neighbourhood and that they will be upgrading between the 6th-8th of December. He received this said letter on the 9th incedently the same day that his internet went down.
Even though you lost connectivity for a couple of hours or so, I had a extreamly hard time getting my DSL connected through verizon. I was just moving 3 blocks and wanted them to just transfer it. They first said it would be connected in a week. The week came and went. I called them and their excuse was that the paperwork did not get transferred. They said it would be another week. Well that did not happen. I called and they said again that the paper work was lost. I called repeatedly for the next couple of days and talked to a manager. They said it would be connected in the next 24 hours. That did not happen either. Needless to say, I was really ticked off. I called them and they said that because the order sat in the system for so long without getting connected, it automatically discontinued the order and they would have to write up a new order and it would be 2 more weeks until it was connected. Finally after a month and a half, I get my DSL connected. Worst part is that they would not even give me a free month or anything because they were they only high speed internet in town. I guess that's what comes from living in the middle of nowhere. Sad
Maybe it was the mail service's fault for the late notification, not the ISP.
The subject had me thinking that you were a little too into your torrents (its not a violation of the ToS to joke about it, right?) Wink

I have TimeWarner (not due to the merger, simply because its the only cable ISP in the area). The only outages I get are due to poorly designed modems; the ventilation is horrific, they overheat and I have to unplug them for several hours; I kinda want to water cool it but I would have to put the components in a bigger case voiding the warranty(/contract?). I used to have Compuserve dialup which is also owned by the giant corporation AOL Timewarner.

The date mixup sounds like negligence and/or a clerical error. They probably should have called you in addition to the late letter.

Off-topic: Cingular started calling me about 2 months ago to upgrade my SIM card about a month ago I finally did, and of course its an old entry-level phone so the "upgrade" messed up my phonebook a bit; however the weird thing is they started calling me again telling me that I need to upgrade my SIM card and/or get a new phone (gratis) I don't like the newer phones OSes but I'm just annoyed cause I don't know if they didn't log my previous "upgrade" or what is going on.

Hopefully Broadband Reports helps.
Yeah, me too! Although we're not on the same isp but were the same on making a date plan. They keep on saying time frame but they didn't make it.
Freelance GD
I really like my ISP. Though it doesn't work good at evening but still it rocks in night and the whole day except some eve time. I moved from a dailup to a dsl and quite happy with my service provider. No connection problem at all.
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are you a hippy spanx?
what actually everyone talking about? quality of ISP service or something else?! Rolling Eyes Question
spanx love spamming the boards Very Happy
Huh... I thought Comcast bought Adelphia.... They keep on showing commercials about it. Or different companies buying different parts of Adelphia?
Yes.. Comcast bought Adelphia... I only know because Comcast commercials have been running for weeks here in Youngstown. This area is mostly Time Warner and Armstrong though.

My ISP is from Armstrong, and is just fabulous. I bought it about 4 years ago for 40 bucks a month, I spend the same today; but for speeds 60 times faster than dialup, and 30 times faster than DSL... I can't complain!

My wireless network is beneficial as well. Between the game consoles, computers, printers, and other things... it has worked out well.

My house is technologically advances nowadays... which some people need to do still!
Laughing Laughing Laughing
haven't encoutered similar problem as yours. when my ISP announces for possible line upgrades and repairs, they would always be sure their schedule is followed. hope they'll continue to stick into the same way of handling their schedules.
And what about DSL connections?
well... for a few months now I've been working for a local ISP and I ca honestly say that my ISP cares about the quality of their service when it comes to me as a client.. and I make sure of it Very Happy
lol ..u people shud be thankful Razz . .i got a 32Kbps connection hehehe sucks
Ouch. That sucks, ehab.

I have a T2 at school and Comcast cable at home. I like Comcast, but I could never host a server off it, it is too irregular. I have a few servers at school though... Which brings me to asking myself, why am I still here? Hah, must be my laziness. Frihost is awesome for letting me be lazy Razz
a 32kbps connection is not really that bad as long as it's a stable one and is the minimum speed. It would be fo help to use who are just using internet for email, research and chat purposes. But if you were to use it on gaming, heavy downloads, streaming, video conferencing better get a new provider.

here in our place, I was disgusted when a company opened their dial-up services and said they were on a stable minimum speed limit of 32kbps. When we tried it, we found out that the speed we're receiving is only at 14kbps. Good thing wifi has been introduced here. The company offered a stable 128kbps minimum speed limit.
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