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It seems a load of Doritos fell off a ship and washed up on the shores of Cape Hatteras.

FRISCO — A tractor-trailer-size container filled with thousands of bags of Doritos washed up here early Thursday, prompting Hatteras Islanders to summon their inner scavengers.

After drifting south for several days in the Atlantic, the container veered landward at Diamond Shoals off Cape Point and came to rest in the wash south of the Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier in Frisco as the tide came in.

Steve Hissey, who runs the tackle shop at Teach’s Lair marina in Hatteras, received a call from a charter boat captain.

“How’s the fishing?” Hissey asked.

“I got two stripers and 35 bags of Doritos,” the captain answered.

Hissey said charter captains were angling for striped bass off the shoals when they spotted the container, broke it open and helped themselves.

Long before National Park Service ranger Brad Griest learned that the cargo container had beached, Hatteras Islanders were busy with their time-honored tradition of wreck salvage. A stream of folks stuffed large garbage bags with Cool Ranch, Nacho Cheese and Spicy Nacho Doritos.

Strewn across the beach, the red and blue bags were each marked “export.”

One person filled a truck with them. Others carted off armloads of the bags, which were mostly undamaged.

“Just helping with cleanup,” Frisco resident Parc Greene, clutching a garbage bag, told Griest, who waved him ahead.
ahahaha... that reminds me of the time a beer truck lost it's cargo in a river near Murwillumbah, Australia.

The locals had a great time, as you can imagine!! Because the beer bottles landed in the river, most of them were intact-- guys were diving in with snorkels, bringing up bottles by the armful and taking them home in eskies.

What a great summer treat!!

It was such the aussie male's fantasy that someone even made a movie about it called "Murbah Swamp Beer". LOL

Some of the photos were hilarious, although unfortunately i could only find this transcript:
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