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Sister as a bridemaid?

I'm having a moral quandry!
I have recently got engaged, despite the fact that I have barely begun planning my aunty has asked if I want her to sing at the ceremony and my 15 year old sister has announced that she is the maid of honour.....and my mum is laying on the guilt for even considering having just having two really close girlfriends as my bridesmaids......HELP! how do i kindly tell my dearly loved female family members that I want to plan my own day without hurting them? and am I being mean or something by not having my sister as a bridesmaid?
remember marriage is not about the two person. You are marrying into his family too
EASIEST way to do it is to go on a cruise and elope with out telling them Im jk but my personal opinion is have the closer of your 2 friends as ur Bridesmaids pick someone as ur maid of honor and make ur sister a Junior Brides Maid!!

that way shes still in the wedding and YOU made the decsion!!

As for your aunt singing i dont know what to tell you thats Totally up to u but if you dont want her to sing tell her that you already had something else in mind but thank you for offering!

Good luck i hope ur wedding goes the way you want it to!!
There probley overly excited for you. I would just be like look i dont' want to hurt your feelings but i want to plan this wedding my way. You guys can help out but i want to approve stuff before you plane it and all.

Also congradulations Very Happy
Thanks everyone for you advice, it's been duely noted!
Say thanks to everyone that is so anxious to make your wedding a big succes but that you'll let them know after a while what is possible since you are making an inventory of all possible contributions and that you have to discuss this with your partner.
good luck with the wedding!
I am recently engaged as well. My fiance wants her gay uncle to be the maid of honor. My family is conservative, but it's the brides day she can do whatever she wants, I am just along for the ride and to pay the bills Smile
Well unless you have already set a date - i think its early for any of them to be putting names into positions, am sure they will understand when you say you are not sure what you want at your wedding yet and you will decide nearer the time - its your twos special day and the more you arrange the less worry you will have in others making them decisions you wish you had 20 years down the line.
P.S. - i wish i knew what i wanted at my wedding, been engaged a year now and apart from money been a stumbling block, not actually knowing where to start in the arrangements is the big issue
The whole wedding planning thing is terrifying..(Johnsonap)...Most people say set a date and then find services that match that. Well we have started off by deciding on a venue for the reception and then finding a date that suits the reception and us. Mind you I visited about 45 venues, and now narrowed down to two based on convience, atmosphere and price. My poor bloke, lucky he is adorable and has driven me around to all these places and had his input to the decision making. Not to mention a gentle reminder to turn the computer off, stop researching and go to sleep.
I guess if you are looking at having the reception and the ceremony at two different locations you'd be better off setting a date and going from there, but because we want a garden ceremony at the same place as the reception it was just easier to find out when our favorite site is available.
I have actually been thinking about the whole sister bridesmaid thing and I have decided to ask her to be involved, after all, family is family and friends lose touch. That will mean I have three bridesmaids and that feels too big to me but I think it is important to my sister and parents.
Anyway I have raved on enough....will keep you posted.
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