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Anyone ever made/read a zine before?

I found this interesting community of writers and designers that make zeroxed mini magazines nicknamed 'zines'. I first heard of them in a show called Our Hero on CBC with Cara Pifko. Then again in a fictional book called "Hard Love". I have never actually read a zine before but I've seen examples of them and read articles about them. A friend of mine and I are starting one up actually, has anyone else read/made/ even heard of zines before? Do you like them? Share your ideas/links etc .
I've never made one, but they are pretty popular around here. A lot of indie cd stores, comic shots or small book stores will carry copies of your zine if it is good.

One of the comic shops carries self-made comics. They range in quality. The best one I've seen was copied on high quality paper, the cover on colored paper and you could tell they put alot of work into it. The cover price was like $2, i'm not sure how much the comic shop guy split with the creator. Small shops would be great for this kind of thing as the owners generally know their customers tastes and could promote the work to people he thinks would be into it (which was my case)

The worst one I saw was a bunch of single sided pages photocopied off a cheap xerox and stapled together. It was in a different comic store and they were giving it away for free. I'm pretty sure the creater just ran off a bunch of copies at work and while they didn't make any money off the initial sale there were links to their website and an order form for other comics they had made in the back. The art was god-awful, but the stories were pretty funny so I'd imagine that worked out well for them. They got people reading it who wouldn't pay out the $2 up front.

Some zines are really advanced. My g/f just picked up an issue of croqzine which sells for a couple of bucks and I'm pretty sure they have national distrobution. They sell indie shops 10 copies for $20, they also make money selling advertising in every issue.

I'd be interested in hearing how your project goes.
There is a zine going around at my school, or was, that was pretty neat. It was called "I Have Issues" and had lots of gossip/articles/humor in it.

There are also a lot of them at an indie record store here, called Ear X-Tacy. And yeah, I've seen comics too. A lot of the time things like this are really fun.
here is a zine going around at my school, or was, that was pretty neat. It was called "I Have Issues"

haha! thats the best name for a zine ive ever heard!

me and a friend of mine are in the process of making a zine. im pretty excited about it. zines are pretty big over here in melbourne, and ive been wanting to make one for ages. im even drawing a comic about myself making the zine. Very Happy
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