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Blind Guardian

Does anyone like them?

I just discovered them and really like them. They have this.. medival sound to them. Medival Metal Laughing they are epic / power metal that have been around since 1988! and they just released an album. They also sound amazing live..

here are some examples

Mirror Mirror Studio Version

Mirror Mirror LIVE (sounds even better than studio)

Valhalla (Live)

Those are just some of the amazing songs they have.

Anyways, anyone have any of their own input on them?
They sound pretty cool

If you like them youd would ABSOLUTLEY LOVE Meatloaf!

Because it really souns like them in Mirror Mirror!!

I suggest Paradise by the Dashboard Light its an AWESOME song but you have GOT to keep an open mind when listening to them!!
Subsonic Sound
There's... quite a lot of differences between Blind Guardian and Meatloaf. Both are unashamedly epic and cheesy, but I can't see Meatloaf putting out songs like 'When Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)', or for that matter an entire album based on the Silmarillion.

Blind Guardian are awesome, though - purely for the comedy value.

If you're a power metal fan, check out Demons and Wizards. Their song 'Touched By The Crimson King' has the most powerful of intros...

Also check out Haggard, Elvenking and Kamelot.
One song is enough to describe it: Bard song - live!
IMO there are not many other bands that can compete with blind guardian when it comes to live performance.
They are just great!


Also, Finntroll is good.
violetgnu wrote:


Also, Finntroll is good.

They sure are. But they are not very like blind guardian in their music style... well at least I dont think so Wink
I'm probably not going to make friends here by saying this, but after a while all the power/epic metal bands start to sound alike... I often find myself listening to some random song and not being able to figure out just who made it. (I have quite a number of 'em in my library)
hell yeah, i LOVE Blind Guardian! i have every single track they've ever made! Very Happy
i started a topic about them a while ago, didn't get very crowded tho Razz

but yeah, i'm a HUGE fan, they came to Slovenia in october, i wanted to go see them but the tickets were sold out like 3 months before the concert! Rolling Eyes it was very surprising for everybody!

my favourites of them are: Mirror Mirror, I'm Alive, Majesty, Nightfall, Mr Sandman (a brilliant cover! Very Happy ), The Bard's Song, The Script For My Requiem, Tommyknockers, .... i could go on forever i guess. well at least till i didn't say all their songs. i actually can't think of one song of them that i don't like! Surprised Very Happy Very Happy
Finally, fellow BG-lovers! I actually forgot about them for a while, and recovered my iPod one day and went through some old bands. It's nothing something I'd listen to 24/7 (it reminds me too much of Lord of the Rings), but still some awesome power metal.

I wasn't as satisfied with Demons and Wizards, but Kamelot ("The Black Halo") is a great band IMO. I got a kick out of Shagrath's (of Dimmu Borgir) appearance in one of their songs. Then I discovered the rest weren't so bad either. Razz

Oh yea, Blind Guardian? I stil love "A Night At The Opera" best, but I haven't heard much of their latest album.
I have a few albums of them. They are good, I loved the music they made with Iced Earth (Demons and Wizards).
I just wished to say i really loved there song: gandalf the magician, and the song they made for merlin(the movie).
Blind Guardian is awesome. Their new album, 'A Twist in the Myth' is awesome, and a far cry from their earlier stuff. The first two tracks 'This will Never End', and 'Otherland' kinda roped me into the CD. A good listen, indeed.

But, in terms of power metal, I'll always stay true to Iced Earth as my favorite. There are so many under rated power metal bands out there, but a lot of it is just cheesy crap.
Mr. Sandman videoclip is one of the funniest I've seen.
I have listened Blind Guardian's "A Night At The Opera". It is very good, but sometimes "opera" athmosphere is not good for me. I don't know how are the others...
Sickness wrote:
Mr. Sandman videoclip is one of the funniest I've seen.

oh, there's a video clip too? Very Happy didn't know that...
TO THE YOUTUBE!!! Laughing Laughing
Blind guardian is a great band. I love their medieval sound and their singer fits amazingly well into their songs. They have indeed made some classics.
Of cause - i listen to power metal, but i think that a lot of people who don't usually listen to power metal would like them as well.
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Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth
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