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Oldie: Worms

I recently saw the worms world party game in an electronics boutique store and had to buy it fgor old times sake! i used to love worms when it first came out but i havent played it since. Now i have it again and i remeber what a classic it was. The one i bought was worms world party. Was anyone else into worms? or better yet are you still into it? there seems to be about a max of 20 people playing it online from what ive seen and 2-3 players in bad times.
played with friends long time ago, not anymore though... i have always liked worms... and if you say world party is oldie, what you think if i say i still have very first worms-game at my ps1 Very Happy
i'm still play worms world party on my pda. but the original worms and armageddon, havent played for years since.....Worms is one of the best games ever created, and only who those haven't played any worms disagree to this.

super sheep!
Worms is great.

Check out gunbound. Basically an updated modern version of worms. Very Happy
package sorting;

import java.util.Random;

public class Sorter {
* Shuffles the contents of the BarFrame's array
* @param bf
public static void shuffle(BarFrame bf)
Random randGen = new Random();
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int j = randGen.nextInt(i + 1);
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public static void selectionSort(BarFrame bf)
int pos=0;
int themin=0;
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for (pos = left+1; pos < bf.length(); pos++)
if (bf.get(pos) < bf.get(themin))
themin = pos;

int temp = bf.get(themin);
bf.set(themin, bf.get(left));
bf.set(left, temp);

public static void insertionSort(BarFrame bf)
int start = bf.get(0);
for (int left = 1; left < bf.length()-1; left++)
for (int pos = left; pos < 5; pos++)


public static void mergeSort(BarFrame bf)


public static void quickSort(BarFrame bf)


I also love worms i got Worms Aramggedon is a kick ass game i love it im a pro playing with my friends the last one that came out was a real**** with those 3d graphics took off all the fun from the game
Oh man I have Worms 2 and play it often, this proves that 2D can still achieve excellence, wow what a great game...
Worms World party is a great game. I play it when my computer is compiling or rendering one of my projects.
Worms Armageddon was the last Worms I bought, but damn, it's great. I still get it out and re-install and go crazy with it once in a while. Must say that I like that series better in 2D, though, it's lost the appeal for me once it got the third dimension - hence I haven't bought any of the series since.
I havent played the newer ones in the series. But a long time ago I remember I played it a lot with some friends. It´s a really great idea for a game, simple and fun Very Happy
I haven't played many of the newer worms games (although I did somewhat dislike a 3d worms I played somewhere...) but I used to love the older games. Kind of boring playing by yourself, but I used to play with a friend and we'd spend all day playing.
I cant wait to play this agian.
I've got a demo of Worms Armageddon, and it's a blast single or multiplayer ^_^. I love setting up formations of worms and seeing how they fly xD.

Gunbound is in most respects an update of worms *nods*.
I loved worms! I use to play with my cousins all the time. A few years ago i tried out worms 3d, it was diffrent...but I can't say it was any better. I recently played Worms for the Nintendo DS and its more similar to the old school ones. It was pretty fun.
guugu wrote:
played with friends long time ago, not anymore though... i have always liked worms... and if you say world party is oldie, what you think if i say i still have very first worms-game at my ps1 Very Happy

PS1? pf, i still play it on my megadrive
the worm game are nice...
compare to worm 3d... i like the oldie worm more!!!
Well.. those 3D worms games weren't good enough. Worms 2 were good, we used to play it.. Then there was Worms World Party, which was as good as Worms 2. We spent hours playing Worms World Party.. Worms is a masterpiece!
The best multiplayer game ever, but it doesn't works anymore on my pc.....!
I played Worms Reinforcements. Very much fun I played it very much.
I played:

Worms I
Worms II
Worms World Party
Worms 3D

The newer Worms I don's play because Worms in graphic is not good for me. Worms I is first and the best Very Happy
Patriot Players
I LOVE worms! I have the best memories of playing that with friends. The funniest stuff can happen in that game. I have got to get myself another copy of world party. Too much fun to be had not to.
Kitten Kong
I found World Party to be terribly ill concieved compared to Armageddon, if it wasn't for the fact that Armageddon doesn't work with XP then I would never play it. It is like the same game but with a few crappy options put in and a bunch of goodness ripped out.

But yeah, worms = classic

always a fun game, even World Party is enough to give you the wormy fix you need. BUNGEE!!
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