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Strategy Games

Hey guys, someone here like strategy games?
I like very much strategy games, but i dont have some new strategy games to play.... Confused
Ive heard about Rome Total war,did someones has played?It is good?
tks Smile
Klaw 2
rome total war is old, buy mediaval II, total war, its better!

i think they are great, you have this "big" map, europe where the city's are here you can build roads, buildings or train armies, and when there's a battle it loads a battlefield where you command groups of soldiers, or you can let the computer fight for you, but usually he loses the battle or loses a lot of man, where you (if you are any good) win with fewer casulties, however they can take a lot of time Sad
HUmm I will check Medieval Wink
tks dude :p
i like good ol' starcraft! even though its like 10 yaers old!
well starcraft was my flaour.. but warcraft replaced its sit...
but now... age of empire rule them all

my flaour user in starcarft was protos which can steal enemy worker....
Human for warcraft.....

strategy game my life wonderful...
Loved it
Course!!! i think Final Fantasy qualifies !!! Smile Smile Smile Smile
but i also like Cosacks! it's awesome!!!!!!
like what is a beter feeling when u destroy an empire of u opponent? and all the time they spent is wasted!!!!! who said the games arent evil???? Laughing although Age of Empires gets the tops rank due to it's graphics!! awesome!!!!!!!! Still Final Fantasy rocks!!! it's like the best gae ever made!! Cool
Medieval: total War is quite exceptional; you have to balance building up your cities, keeping a happy population, getting money, maintaining an army, and rampaging across the whole of Europe. To complete it all is something that you would expect to do in a few months; and the actual battles are spectacular; up to 10,000 units, all attacking!

Nothing quite like watching 500 archers send off their volley of arrows, creating a black wall of wooden death in the sky =P

Age of Empires is also a good, smaller scale Strategy Game; and also Warhammer, Dawn of War; great multiplayer!
Rome Total War is kind of old already. There are many new stragety games recently such as caesar 4, company of heroes. Heard that command and conquer will be coming soon also. However, if u like old game, i think starcraft is the best. Laughing
I haven't seen "Medieval: Total War" yet, but it sounds really good. I was looking for a game in which you are actually building an empire over more than one battle. But some games with that approach have a figthing system that sucks. Does Medieval have a really good balance of all elements and doesn't get boring soon?
i started playing company of hero's last night and so far its a grate ww2 rts game i suggest that any one even remotely interested in rts games try this one
strategy games

I know it's good games to make the brain working but i don't like it because it takes alot time from me
One awesome strategy game is Master of Magic... Sure it's over a decade old, but it was waaay more fun than most (if not all) of the new 'shiny' strategy games I've seen.
I love Age of Empires. I haven't played it for sooo long. I feel that the Strategy games are the best ones. I'll have to checkout Rome
yeah ROME total war kicks the proverbial ASS
but im more of a modern warfare guy, i like C&C, from red alert to generals zero hour
but its good to go back and play all the retros like AoE
good topic guy!
I love Warcraft 3 as there is sooo much depth and strategy and it is sooo well balanced. I like to be able to control all of my units at all times so I like warcraft better than starcraft.
Wish4Me wrote:
I love Warcraft 3 as there is sooo much depth and strategy and it is sooo well balanced. I like to be able to control all of my units at all times so I like warcraft better than starcraft.

From the same reason i played Warcraft,but now my pc is poor and must change Amazing warcraft3 for starcraft:Bw
Jakob [JaWGames]
I love strategygames and for me it does not matter very much how old they are. Some of my favourites are the Age of Empires games, the empire earth games, Warcraft III and last but not least, the AdvanceWars games Smile
Civilization.. Best strategy game ever.. Don't die without playing Civilization 3 and 4. And, the more important one: DON'T START IF YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME! I'm addicted to Civ4 now Very Happy
Duncan Idaho
Lords Of The Realm 2 man...*falls in chair* Starcraft is good but my Carriers are better Very Happy The commandos games are ok...well no not really, but good kind of... Confused
I'm waiting to finish my work on one project and I would buy a new computer capable of playing last Heroes of Might and Magic, the fifth version. If I buy a new computer now, I would never finish that project... Wink
I like strategy games .Some of my favourites are Red Alert 2, Hereos Might and Magic,War Craft and Age Of Empires series...
I suggest you go back to the old game Starcraft.
If you like something more beautiful try Warcraft.
For strategy games, bliizard is always the best.
As they all said StarCraft is a sweet game, even for being nearly 9 years old. As far as current games go Company of Heroes is the best out.

And I'm looking forward Suprime Commander when it comes out next year.

Some other great ones are Command and Conquer Generals
Star War Empire at war.

Try them out, all are worth it.
I like strategy games .Some of my favourites are Red Alert 2, Rome Total War, Command & Conquer Generals and Age Of Empires series...
Patriot Players
Rome total war is still excellent. I dont have medieval yet but Rome never gets old. The battles are immense.
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