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2 questions

I'm buying a new rig soon, and I have few questions before I buy:

1. Which mobo should I choose? Gigabyte's GA-965P-S3 or GA-965P-DS3 (the difference is around 20 USD)

2. Should I take G.Skill's 1GB DDR2 800mhz CL5 or the CL4 version? (the difference is around 11 USD)
Depends what you want to do with it. Are you on a budget, or do you want to overclock or what?

Personally I have heard the DS3 is very good for overclocking, though there are better (EVGA 680i). The DS3 is also sort of a crap shoot when it comes to quality, I have heard only like 2 out of 5 are good, other times an RMA is required.

As for the RAM, i don't know but I will look into differences, however, the DS3 is very picky about RAM, I do remember that.
As far as MoBo, I don't do intel chipsets personally. I'm a NForce guy or at least ATi's chipset, like the Geek said, what are you doing with it and my question is what CPU is going into it?

Also what video card setup do you have or plan to have?

As far as memory I feel most memory is all the same regardless of brand just find the lowest timmings and highs running speed, and make sure the warrenty is lifetime. That all fits into you budget.

I would go with the lowest timming out of the two, as long as the price isn't too much higher.

I just bought the Geil 2 Gb (2x1Gb Sticks) of DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 for $230, and will get them Monday, if you can wait I will tell you if they are any good, they have the same timmings as everyone love the Corsers XMS2 and hopefully are good for overclocking as the reviews say.

hope that helps a little...
I have heard most people reporting the best clock speeds on the DS3 with G.Skill RAM, just FYI.
Well, I'm going to OC an e6300 to a stable speed and consistently work at that speed.
I also live in Israel, so I can't order from newegg (too bad Sad ).
Anyway, there's a sale on the G.Skill memory, that's why i'm buying it.
I also spoke to a friend about the motherboard, and we both agreed that it's better to take DS3 because it has a longer lifetime.

P5B-E has the best FSB though, but I don't like it's design (PCB and overall).
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