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Please gimme advice

Hello all
I didn’t know into which thread to post this message.
If I posted in the wrong one please move it in the right thread.
I am a dentistry student, and want to make a website on the teeth treatment problems and teeth implants.

I wrote several articles for this theme, installed the wordpress engine, but I don’t like what I see in the result.
Could you recommend me a designer who could improve the look of my website and how much it would cost me.

<removed by James007>
S3nd K3ys
I think it's pretty clean and nice looking myself.

What kind of changes were you talking about?
Looks Great the way it is now nice clean easy menu
I think it looks great, maybe you should try linking the recommended pic to something. Makes it look a little more professional i think.
That looks really impressive. It looks really proffesional. If i where you i wouldn't change a thing. It looks like a proffesional did it. Very Happy

Good job Very Happy
Looks pretty darn good. Watch out though, on smaller resolutions, the site's graphics and layout get really messed up.

Other than that, not much to change. I can sort of understand why you'd want to try to improve on it, cause there are a couple of small things to enhance and tweak, but it would be perfectly fine if it was left the way it is.
They are all right! It's clean and organize. What are you trying to improve on?
wow! A very nicely done website. I'd have to go with everyone's reply. You don't have to change anything. Just stay the way it is Very Happy
I agree it's very nice. In fact, I'm very impressed with the amount of denistry articles you have in one place. Make sure you submit to and such to get your page searchable.
Your website looks like a template to me.
ahmm yeah a very excellent and well organized site.....but i think colors will bring a lil life in your putting some family colors of blue...and changing the background image to a gradient type...i think it would be better...but just an idea =) thanks
Yea it looks excellent, kind of bland but other than that, great!
Oh dear it nice. Why are you worring about? if you want to make it more beutiful, then install some wordpress themes. Some of them are also free. But you have to think that it should look like a proffesional looking website.
You Need Advice?????? that site is like awesome!!!!! it's me who needs help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
Nicely done site. I have one suggestion though, make the image you have in the Useful links category a link. Razz Or rename the category.

Sorry if I'm picky.
Doesn't seem to be much wrong with this site. The only thing I'd suggest (and many other sites suffer from the same problem) is that you put a "search this site" function on the first page. It makes it easier to find things.
Wow, wasn't what I expected. That's a nice site you have. the only thing I dont like is the textured looking background
Captain Fertile
Many sincere apologies to Studental if I am wrong but after visiting his site I had a hunch this post may have actually been spam when I first saw it.

Now I feel even stronger that it may be Spam, so much feedback but no further posts by the originator anywhere on the site but he could just be a busy man.

At the very least I think it could be his way to get traffic to his site.

Again I am sorry if this is incorrect, if this is the case it is indeed a compliment because I think the site looks VERY professional.
When I saw the URL the link went to I thought it was a shock website (goatse)
or something with trojans and dodgy scripts all over it.
But then I realized I was at home, and on a mac so i didn't care about these things.

The only thing spammy about that site is the comments on the 23rd November post.

Back to the original question:
My advice would be to not change a thing.
Your website looks very nice indeed. I wouldn't really know what to change, but there is one thing I don't really like. The fact your posts keep on going and make your home page very long. The middle section just keeeeeeps going on forever. You might want to take some posts off your homepage too. They are probably linked to anyway in your "previous posts" section at the right.

About your post on frihost. I've moved it to "advertise your website". As Captain Fertile says, you haven't given any feedback at the moment, so I would like that to change. If you don't reply any more, this thread will be closed and all links will be removed.

No reaction, thread closed, links removed.

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