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Will become crazy or mad due to internet?

Many people including me spend lot of time infront of a few inches monitor tying or using mouse to surf the internet. People say it could affect our mental state.

Do you think we might go crazy or mad due to this time-consuming so called internet?

I think I have read about Bill Gates once said "internet is good but what a waste of time". I agree with him.

What do you think?
ryukenden wrote:

Bill Gates once said "internet is good but what a waste of time". I agree with him.

I dont agree. I dont see how its a waste of time. When did he say that? It must of been as soon as the internet was made becuase it has developed alot since then. I think alot of peoples like revolves around the internet and college students need it and basically almost everyone uses the internet for something.
Yes I do agree that if they shut the internet down I woud go crazy with boardem. My friends hardly play footbal,l and im growing away from my skateboard. Yes I think that I woud go crazy,But its not a waste of time.
I really don't think it would make you crazy. BUT I do think when you talk to other people who don't use the internet or don't do the same things you do on it would think you might be crazy when you start talking about it. like to any person who has no idea about RPGs. what would then think if you were like omg you should have seen all these monsters I killed yesterday. I got a new sword and upgraded it. and then I went on a killing spree and killed a bunch of people who had pissed me off the other day....
what would you think if you had never played the game?
Well, I'm already crazy so...
I think that society will accept the people that sit in front of a PC all day. As more and more people do it. There will be less people to complain about it. I don't like to think about how productive the world would be if everyone surfed the internet. Personally, I am kind of worried about it. I try to limit my time and do something productive.
Well personally I don't think it is wasting time, as your gaining some form of information. Better then staring at a rock all day Very Happy However, humans were not designed to do this Razz so a balance between computer/tv and outdoors is good.

quite a few share traders stare in front of a computer all day and make quite a profit ...
ghfurniture wrote:
Better then staring at a rock all day

That's like saying "well at least shooting heroin is better than mass genocide"
YEah I guess so....we spent too much time in front of the computer and internet....they occupied too much time in our lives...the most ridiculous thing is that we can't escape from it....all our lives, our hoppies, our earth were posted on the web....

ten or eight years later we might not need to stand up and move around.. what human lives would be to sit in front of the internet linked computer and enjoy our lives.........
The internet is a fantastic resource, it just depends how you use it.
internet is an alternative way to wasting your time. before people invent internet, people wasting ting to drink beer, chatting with bad friends, gambling, and many other activities. Now there are many other way to wasting your time such as browsing at internet, watching animes, play microsoft pc games, watching soap opera, and many more. it's all depends on the person man. Very Happy
The internet has its good and bad points. Go crazy - NO! Just insane.
It seems that most people lose touch with reality when they can take on a new persona on the internet.

I don't think this is healthy.
Kids, Don't Do Drugs.

Here's Teh Internets Instead!!!1 ROFLCOPTER

haha, man, what a wonderful world that'd be...

Oh, and yeah, the internet has a large downside, but the upside is amazingly greater. We're on a whole new level of connectedness. As insignificant as it may seem sometimes, knowing about the news across the world in the blink of eye is pretty astounding. It makes us seem much more like the humanity we should be, connected and caring.
i don't really consider being online on the internet as a waste of time... it's a good way of spending your time because you learn while being entertained. browsing webpages gives me informations that adds up to my knowledge. chatting and playing games keeps me entertained while gaining more friends from other places... i'd rather spend my spare time on the internet that do nothing or stay with friends and drink or do nonsense stuffs.

never will i be crazy or mad with the internet... this is one of the most wonderful product of the world's geniuses... a big help to everyone.
I dont think the internet is a waiste of time. It is an abundance of knowledge. Anything you ever wanted to know is posted on this damn thing somewhere, all you have to do is find it. Wink
The internet is no more a 'waste of time' than talking with people IRL is waste of time. They both achieve nothing tangible, but both provide entertainment.

Define 'waste of time'. Rolling Eyes

I wish I could get away from the internet.

I wish I could stop using it for anything but necessary information.

But I can't - although I try.

I would rather spend time talking with REAL LIFE PEOPLE, because that is how you develop relationships with people and find things to do outside of computers.

I'm not saying browsing the internet is nothing but bad, but there are limits...
Aah ! My righteous brothers Razz

same with me ..i just cant get my hands off from clicking on firefox's nice lil icon n typing something in real fast .. its like drug

hear that ? :O

the internet, is a drug Very Happy
I believe the internet is a great thing as long as ur making good use of all its benefits otherwise it can be just as much of a waste of time as spending all day everyday in front of the TV or your xbox.
I don't agree that Internet is a waste of time. How can something so useful and fun be a waste of time? LOL, yes, I'd go crazy without it. haha!!
The internet is not a waste of time, it is a huge source of information......
allthough some people get addicted to internet, so they spend theire whole day on internet, and they don't know anything to do except surfing the internet, so yes it can "affect" your mind.
The Internet is just another one of the many inventions that mankind will make in the course of evolving that makes our lives easier. The internet is really just a way to ignore the distance between people when communicating. Usually, we'd have to talk to people person-to-person ALL THE TIME. But now, with the Internet, we can communicate with millions to billions of people around the world in an instant. Saying the Internet is a waste of time is saying that communicating is a waste of time, which just isn't true. We are simply taking away the limitation of distance. Muhahaha.
The are a lot of things make people crazy nowadays. Like PS2, TV, Computer. People can sit in front of this things 24hours a day. What I would like so say is "People, don't let other things control you"
see i am not agree with you point what you give it here
yeah, without internet, my life become empty!! and yesterday was earth quake happened in taiwan and the internet connection become slow like hell. with internet, i learn so many things, so actually without internet, i'll become crazy. but with internet, i'll become normal...
the internet wont drive u crazy, its how u use it.

personally, i use the computer a hell of a lot, but by choice. if i wanted to stop, i can go without it (provided i can keep in touch with a few vital people) but i prefer talking to people on the other side of the world, than people on my side of the world
I don't think you're more likely to go crazy using Internet than to go crazy doing something else. But it's probably not healthy to just sit there surfing for hours on end. It's not healthy to sit for hours on end full stop! As long as you get up and have a bit of exercise now and then you will probbaly be OK.
Internet is not "a waste of time" for me because I use it efficiently. Well... it all depends on how you use the internet if you use it like surfing for porn sites, playing a lot of online games, searching for nonsense stuffs and etc. its obviously a waste of time. But if you use the internet in a resourceful way like developing a website, searching tutorials and for earning money then its good to use the internet.
It's the "television" of our generation too much of it can become harmful.
you can go crazy / mental / lose all sense of reality for a number of reasons.

Putting your being into a complex array and connections of computers just happens to be a way to do it.

There are many other ways to go mental / crazy, or appear mental, crazy or deluded.
well....good say frnd....what a waste of i tell u....those who use r really confused tht they r wasting there time or.....using it.
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