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The Game concert

Went to the game concert on wednesday (the 5th December) and he was well good. It was at the Carling academy in Glasgow in Scotland.

Had a few probelms to start with which delayed the concert for a couple of hours. He had done about 3 songs where the bass on the stage speaker keeped turning on and off ****** the sound up. He got pissed off and through the mike at the sound guy and shouted at him saying to get his shit sorted out. Well funny. but the 1hr 30 min wait for it to get sorted was not funny.

Finaly it all got sorted and he started form sratch.

Well recomed seeing The Game in concert, but not at the Carling Academy in Glasgow cos that venue well sucks.

Any one else been to his concert, and if so what are your opinions on it?
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yeah the game is hella sick wit it his new song uhhh "wouldnt get far ft. Kanye West" is hella dope you should listn to it
off topic but i know whow you feel with the time delays there. There is nothing worse then getting the best possible place in the mosh pit and then having to wait 1 hour + to see the band and then leave your spot. This happend to me at the yellowcard concert in sydney. The warm up band started playing and the crowd went nuts and broke the front barrier so they had to stop and buy a new one before any bands played. It took about 2 hours for them to even get ahold of one and they ended up having to cancel the two warm up bands and justr start with the headlining yellowcard.
Also at the sydney angels and air waves show i got a spot actually on the front barrier (very hard spot to get unless you line up at 3.00 am). But i had to stand there for an hour and a half while the saound got set up. It sucked and by the time AVA played i was dead from being smashed on the barrier.
Having to wait at concerts sucks and can almost ruin the night!! luckily the headling band usually pulls through and makes it worth the wait! Very Happy
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