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I was talking to a mate of mine and he told me to buy Far Cry.
He said that it was a good game with good graphics and gamplay. The part that I can't believe is that he said it costs 6-10. Is this true and is the game good?


im suprised you havent heard about far cry earlier... yes its good game... and cant complain about graphics... not sure how old game is 2- 3 years?? someone can tell if im right :p
realy worth of buying... i think you can get it pretty cheaply nowdays...
This game is fantastic, but mi favourite game is "Counter Strike".
very good game. Buy it bcoz its cheap now.
I played Far Cry on my PC desktop. It was a pretty good game, but compared to some of the newer stuff that is out the graphics are not as great. Still it was an enjoyable game, very fun and challenging. The AI is pretty good and having shoot outs in the jungle and hiding from the enemy is what made the game very unique.
Kitten Kong
THe only reason it is cheap now is because its getting old and they want you to get into it coz the sequel is coming out soon.

Its definitely a top game, awesome and NICE graphics, not a graphics card burning DARK ROOM (cough.. DOOM... cough).

Excellent gameplay, open environments so you are not forced down a single passage through the whole game, you have to assault a base you can come in from the east, north, south, west, you can stealth your way in, you can start sniping from further away or just run in with guns blazing.

and of course you can drive a jeep off of a cliff and crash it into a helicopter while falling safely to the water 100m below. its worth it just for that.
I came across this game some time ago but don't really play it, cause there's a problem with the installer. Well, maybe I'll try it, now that I've finished playing Company of Heroes. Don't have any game on my "Waiting List" Laughing
I thought it was really amazing! Smile

It was quite a while ago though.
The graphics are good, and it runs good even on quite slow computers. The AI and gameplay is quite well done and the storyline does not really get booring. So all in all I would recomend it.
Only bad thing was that I managed to complete the game in just a few days on normal difficulty... and Im not even THAT good as player.
For 6-10 its a lot of fun though.

The game was the first of the Diretx 9.c next generation games. It also came out with a free 64bit patch, the game still looks great, and holds up to the more resent games. It is worth the $50 it use to cost, so $10 is a great deal.

Cryis (Farcry 2) will be out earily next year, with Directx 10 and some really sweet game play make sure you pick it up.
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