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do you like my site design ?

it's my site ! what tou think about the design ?
I don't like, because it is so dark and nasty ... Maybe some type of people do like those, but layout it is not good finished. Too much empty page in bottom of site. It isn't valid and so ...
nope, dont like the header.. and the rest.. sometables and ur done..
it is quite good and i like it
I see that the background pic for the entry page is 141 KB which for me is way too big. Takes too long to load the page on dialup. Had I just been browsing around the net and I had just happened upon your site, I definitely would have hit the Back button on my browser before the page had finished loading. I can sometimes endure a slow loading page if there's at least some content to read while the graphics are loading but with your page the background pic is essentially the whole page. You have to wait until the background pic loads before you can even start to figure out what the site's about and I typically wouldn't feel like waiting that long.

Just my humble opinion.
Apologies for being a little obtuse here, but it's a little unwelcoming. I have no idea what any of the text means, but when you hold judgement over a page like I currently do, it's not a particularly good thing.

There's nothing wrong with dark colours, but when coupled with graphics as you have done, it really doesn't give a good impression to whoever is browsing your website. It's just a little overpowering and fails to ensure that the person who is visiting the site feels like a visitor - they feel like an intruder on something rather clan-like. It's just too confronting, essentially.

In terms of the actually website design itself, the images take far too long to load. I'm on a fast broadband connection, yet it took more than ten seconds for the background and formatting to load, and that's just far too long for any page, no matter its purpose.

Being a little diplomatic, I won't comment on the content - I don't want to go into anything potentially anti-theological on any means. What I will say is that it needs work before people will actually enjoy visiting your website, for whatever purpose.
what language is that? I totally don't understand, sorry.
It looks pretty good. I recommend that you center it or move it to the left. If not then add some cellpadding or padding-right because the navigator is too close to the right hand side.
If i may ask, what language is this site in?

Also, I don't quite understand the point of the enter page...

Otherwise pretty good.
not keen at all and whats with all the black mine is kinda the opposite to yours mines
What is this I detect, an ever so slight piece of FAKE MARKETING.
i believe your gothic right ? cuz its all black and bloody.i dont want to see that color everyday. it kills my eyes,or is it what it's supposed to do ?
i love it!
very nice, man.
Giv the lad abita credit. Hes obviously put hard work into it, either goth r not that u may be the guy still tired and its to his tatse. I personally aint a goth buti like dark colours. And i kindalike his design had he a put more time into arranging it about abit btr it be pritty cool. Dude i can see u put time and effort into the design dude and thats all that counts.. Keep up the good work bud Wink and keep up the practice!
nice designs=]
I don't really care for the coloring either, but if the site's content is good, I would deal with it. What I wouldn't deal with is that big image you have to click on to enter. You could at least crop all around the red and set your bgcolor to black. That image is way to big. Try optimizing in Image Ready.
Decent if that's the theme your going for. But the yellowish header is kind of tacky looking. Like a forced ad and it doesn't even match.
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