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demonoid invite

i'll give 10 frih for a invite

as far as i know demonoid isn't breaking forum rules since torrents are legal it's what you download that might be illegal. if mods feel that this topic needs to be locked please lock it

thats too cheap for a demonoid invite.. but i will send you one, if:

1. it does not break frih TOS
2. nor demonoid's TOS
3. you have a proper seeding ratio

please pm me your ratio screenshots or other proof of ratio.
why do you need an invite anyway?
registeration is opened on all fridays Razz
i didn't know that they were open on fridays
i did get an invite in my inbox and registered

Can i also have an invite I am ready to pay 15 frih$ to the person who gives me.

Also, can I know if invite break the Frihost Rules, If not I am ready to pay 15 for too, otherwise I ll delete my post.

Boo hoo!
we can deal via private messaging,

i will send you an invite of DT if and only if you have a good ratio
Demonoid TOS says that u cant sell invites Cool
sorry for that, but how can they figure out if somebody does the deal via pm Wink
they probably cant, but its a matter of morals, after all u did agree to the TOS Razz
i haven't gotten a chance to read the whole tos. what do they require your ratio to be?
I realize this topic is a few months old now, but I came in here looking to make a post about a demonoid invite and here I am. Make a new post or use this one? Given this hasn't been locked, I opted to try asking here. If, for some reason this is breaking any rules... ignore it, delete ir, or lock as need be.

At any rate...

I'm looking for a demonoid invite as well if anyone has one they'd care to exchange for Fri$ please let me know. Someone up above said registrations are open on Fridays, but it's Friday and they aren't open so I suspect they changed that policy.

So, if anyone wants to work something out so I can get an invite please let me know.

Thanks in advance.
Star Wars Fanatic
Well, Demonoid invites aren't allowed to be sold, they also did change the policy, due to their servers being down for a little while, they opened registration for a few days, and they are now (once a month) opening it for two or three days...

You will have to wait a few weeks for the next opening, as I don't feel like giving away invites... Rolling Eyes
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