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Christmas music

Blaster is a great place to here 24/7 christmas music. I personal love christmas music. So how about others?
I can't stand the stuff.
I dont think there is anything more depressing than the over joy-ous christmas song.

This includes Hymns, jingles and pop songs.

Sir Cliff Richards annaul assault on the ear drum has put me off christmas all together
well, I can't say I don't like Christmas music. However, I work at a grocery store, and so we've got christmas music playing 24/7 starting right after Thanksgiving, so it can get tiring.
Christmas Music is OKAY every now and again, BUT when its NOTHING BUT christmas music its like ok i NEED to hear something else before i burn my ears off.

Basically its like songs u LOVE at first and then the radio overplays it SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH you cant stand it anymore!!!
yea i know what your saying. you have to ballence it out. But at least its not the same song over and over again. But please do listen when you have time and you are feeling in teh christmas spirt.
well, christmas music is much to commercial for me. every artist with a name almost has got to make a song about christmas. and mostly with the words 'snow' 'tree' 'bells ringing' etc. in it. I don't like that. I think it is so superficial and cliche that it's not worth listening to.

Anyhow: I mostly don't like feel-good music. Music should have tension in it. Jazz and christmas music therefore offers an interesting combination.
This is the first year in memory that I don't hate Christmas music-- possibly because, living in res, I don't hear it on the radio (we don't have one), and don't hear it in malls because I never go to them.

Loving this year:
Carol of the Bells
Sleigh Ride
Let it Snow (The line "that fire is Mmmmmmmm delightful" makes me DIE. <3)

Bing Crosby is seriously King at this time of year.
Christmas music tends to be sickly. Hyms sound genuine, but pop-songs tend to sound contrived...just take a look at Cliff Richards' back catalogue over Christmas gets worse every year.
I love traditional Christmas carols and orchestral versions of them in particular but Christmas "pop" songs really grind my gears. I can't stand them.

Every year it's jsut another excuse for some talentless group or artist to butcher a Christmas song or (even worse) try and write a new one!
Holiday music is good in small doses. I don't like the ones that mention deities, though. XD But ones casually mentioning Christmas or talking about snow are good.
SimonWSTS wrote:
I love traditional Christmas carols and orchestral versions of them in particular but Christmas "pop" songs really grind my gears. I can't stand them.

I was in Winners the other day, and they played this horrible butchery of Jingle Bells... all I remember is that the woman went "Oh Jingle jangle jingle" something something as she went down a scale. HORRIBLE. D:
Well it kinda gets me in a good mood when i listen to christmas music. But i diffinetely don't like techno christmas music and that kind of modern versions og christmas music. I like to listen to old classics when i listen to christmas music.
Thanks so much, I usually just get my songs from the radio or Christmas specials that play on t.v. Very Happy
24/7?! No thanks, I would satisfy my needs with one perfect CD:
don't want to know anything of christmas music.
Jesus was born and that is what is being celebrated worldwide. A good celebration. Leave out the presents, but i like the christmas tree. But only in those countries that have some signs of darkened days in winter
A friend of mine only likes traditional Christmas music-- nothing with the word "Santa", for instance... mostly things like celtic music. :o I don't mind the other stuff, but 'traditional' stuff ala Bing Crosby I also like. :)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and A Happy New Year
I've never heard a Christmas song as good as The Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl
I dont mind christmas music. but come after tomorrow i will mind it
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Christmas music is annoying as hell.

Classic songs, sung by classic singers--yeah, ok.

New songs sung by modern pop-stars, or classic songs sung by pop-stars, is enough to make me want to hurt somebody. Really badly.

Whenever I hear a pop-singer doing some sort of Christmas tune, it sounds to me like a blatant attempt to capitalize on a market without showing any artistic ability whatsoever. It's an excuse for the most mediocre of mediocre recording "artists" to put forth meaningless music and cash in.

You could call me a bitter young man for saying that, except for the fact that most of this music is TERRIBLE. Most of these songs are (1) repetitive, (2) irritating, and (3) terribly arranged.

Bleh. Thank God the holiday is over.
The Mitchell
please dont give me the opportunity to have my bah humbug rant again. christmas sucks. its a good way for people to make money. eugh.
Jakob [JaWGames]
The problems for me with christmas-songs is that the same repeats year after year and they are played all the time no matter where you are, some are good even after that you have heard them about 37 times but mostly they are not of that quality...
Bing Crosby Very Happy I love Baby It's Cold Outside.
my one and only favorite is 'Oh Holy Night'. Crying or Very sad
I love Christmas carols. In Polend we have a lot of tradicional carols. They make an atmosfer to think about yuor life and about that miracle when God comes to yuor life, your days and world. This is great time and music is very important then.
I think the old style carols with Frank Sinatra and that era are just wonderful. But I agree that the stuff made these days just doesn't cut it for me. I wish people carolled more often like they used to. They don't really go around neighborhoods much anymore and I think that's great- when you get to hear two or three songs by a group of enthusiastic singers wishing you a Merry Christmas- that's what makes the spirit bright!
A Santa Cause I and II have some of the best Christmas music ever. Well, I don't really know that cause I haven't listened to it all properly, but some of the best bands ever are on there, so that's good enough.

Sugarcult, The Format, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Action Action, Flee the Seen... need I say more?

I don't really enjoy that much Christmas music. They're just made to try and get us to get into the commercialised spirit of Christmas so we'll buy stuff. Being a Christian I don't believe in Santa and all that crap, I believe it was the day Jesus was born and I don't like the songs selling out on that. But then again, the whole world's not Christian and people have different beliefs, so I've just gotta deal with that.
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