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Boxing Manager on the Amiga

Captain Fertile
Back in the hazy past I played a Boxing Management game on the old Amiga computer ahh those were the days.

Im guessing it was called Boxing Manager or something highly original like that but I cant find it mentioned anywhere and was wondering if it was possible to get it for the PC pr failing that if it is possible to get it for an Amiga Emulator or something.

I have heard of emulators but never used one so even if I could find the game would it be like playing on an Amiga. I am more for a nostalgic trip down memory lane rather than a cutting-edge gaming experience. If I could play this game again it would really make my day.

I cant even recall who produced the game but you had to pick a fighter, train him, arrange his fights, get in top shape for the fight and progress up through the rankings.

In the game you could go to the fights if you wish and even act as the corner man with the sponge, water bottle, cold iron for pressing down lumps and bumps and the adrenaline swab for healing cuts. Oh it was a grand game. You never actually controlled the boxer as he fought which actually added to the feeling of being the manager and not the fighter.

Does any of this ring a bell (no pun intended), maybe with the older forum members like myself who may have actually played the game???

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