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64bit issues

Hi all

I would like some confirmation\be told the right thing on some aspects of 64bit.

I believe that 64bit is better than 32bit because it can process data faster, eg. perform the mathematic calculations much faster in programs.

I also believe that computers are well behind compared to technology in consoles.

for example the following specifications of consoles.

The PS2 runs on a 128bit processor.

and i believe the xbox 360 and PS3 will run at at least the same or higher bits not sure on that one though.

So why aren't computers keeping up to spec. In reality we are still on 32bit because 64bit is unstable for computers because alot of companies won't make 64bit drivers,
but why won't they?
isnt 64bit a big improvement to 32bit if stable drivers are made?

also vista is coming out soon and most versions are going to be 64bit, although there will be 32bit versions

my beleifs are that most companies are spending to much time on damn laptops to try and cut power consumption but what about the performance?
Its not that simple...There are many different aspecs...
first of all, they have to think about backwords compatibility, and a way to make a million possible combinations work, while consoles don't;
the fact they they will be 128bit, or 256bit or whatever, doesn't mean that they will be running faster than a computer. Also more than 64bit is useless right now. if you ever check the supporting memmory,bandwidth, and all that stuff, you wll find out, that it will be a long tie before we manage to get 64bits to its maximum capacity, therefore, there is no reason to get to more than that...(for now at least).
The performance is all there. Truth be told, 64bit processors are essentially useless with out a 64bit operating system and until recently with the rise of 64bit linux distributions and 64bit versions of Vista releasing in the near future these operating systems have been few and far between and the ones that do exist, IE: Windows XP 64Pro, had really shotty driver support.

The more bits a processor uses does not necessarily make the processor faster, really the only benefit to having a processor that is 64bit versus 32bit is that with 32bit you can have only a max of 4GB of alocated memory on the system, this increases by X amount with 64bit (I cant remember how much exactly). The other benefit is that a 64bit processor can run number heavy operations such as mathematical calculations more efficiently since it has a larger number base.
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