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TIP! Christmas/Birthday/Anytime Gift Suggestions

Captain Fertile
I have noticed one or two people asking for suggestions for Christmas presents. I have a suggestion which may be too late for this year (although it could still help if you implement it fast) but can prove invaluable in the future.

If you have problems finding the right gifts for your partner or family members you could try what my wife and I do.

We each have a little box we call our wish box and whenever we see a gift or item we would like in a newspaper or catalogue (the free Argos catalogue is great for this) we cut it out, mark it clearly and place it in our special wish box.

It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive it is, if you would like it put it into your own wish box, you never know how flush the other person is buying your gift.

Then, whenever one of us needs an idea for a suitable gift for Xmas, birthdays or whatever for the other person we simply look in the other person’s wish box when they aren’t around and find something in there.

If you find something you really like online rather than in a catalogue you can cut up you could always print it and put it into the wish box or as a last resort simply write down the name of the item, price and where to find it etc.

Each member of the family could have their own box and it really does save time and stress over getting something someone actually wants without asking them outright – they still don’t know what they are getting because you don’t tell them and of course they don’t know if the gift you got came from their wish box until after they open it.

It works for us.

Extra Tip: just make sure that you clearly mark which item it is you wish for when it is on a page from, say, a catalogue with several items on (also mark the right size colour etc. if there are choices).

Hope this helps someone out.
Another hint is to be aware of potential gifts at all times. Among my friends and family members, I'm known for picking excellent gifts that suit their recipients very well. Part of my "secret" is that I'm not always trying to do Christmas shopping in the last few days, or even weeks, so I'm not stressed out by trying to come up with great ideas for everyone. Instead, I always have my eyes open, and it is not at all unusual for me to be in a store for something else in, for example, March, and see something that would be a perfect gift for someone. Bingo! That particular Christmas shopping is already done, with several months to go! Of course, I can always add other items later, but I can do that without the stress of not having anything ready until the last minute.
I keep a small notebook in my purse for when I go shopping with relatives and write down all the little things that they point out.
This is smart. I always have problems finding gifts to one of my elder brothers. But he doesn´t know what he wants, and he has already got everything Razz
Wow, you people are organized...Dont look in my notebook.
That's a really good system, actually.

I just spend one weekend in town every year, a few weeks before Christmas and I visit every shop until I find something for eveyone. If I then get home and discover that I missed someone out because a. I forgot about them or b. I couldn't find anything, I'll go online or I'll visit another shopping centre the next weekend and hope to find aomething there.

That way, it's more of a surprise for them. None of my relatives will tell me what they want for Christmas because they all want a surprise.

Following that: a hand made card never fails to impress if you're still a kid/teen. Wink
Those are really good tips ! I never know what to get... It's alway a nightmarre christmas shopping. Today I m going down town to find something for hubby and i m not looking forward to it at all!
One year I would love to make homemade pressies to all but I dont know how well they would be received... (Such as bottle of decorated oil (with bits in!), Jams, wee cakes in funky boxes...)

I think my first buy today will be a note book to store all the ideas I will get next year Wink and I ll definitly will buy troughout the year....
I just fret about presents until I get hit with divine inspiration. I was fretting over what to get the boy for ages & then BAM - the perfect present came to me. It usually works like that for close people, but for normal friends, I usually just browse around in stores until I find something I like.
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