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camera help please - what to buy and where to buy it...

hi not sure where to post this so thought i'd post here as mods/admins will move if required... apologys if so...

here goes.. bare in mine this is for people in the UK please

i want a new camera mine is old and was bascially a cheap get me through.... i know want a newer cheap get me through but on that can take more then 5 pics with the flash before the batteries die!

ive been looking at the casio z1000 but am not sure... ive seen the z500 i think it was and it can take upto 500 pics where as the 1000 is about 330 or so...

seen this too - any good (linkhere) has printer etc cheap bu worth a try ;-p

as u can tell my price range is about 150 - 200 i know its not all that much but this is not a case of i want everything for the cost of nothing... i want the best there is for that price range...

i will be using the camera for taking picks at events etc so darkly lit areas and so forth etc so ive been told to get a camera with a resonable flash but more importantly better iso rating.. is this correct? my current camera's flash is crap! lol and only one iso setting..

im not paid till friday and will need this for saturday nite.. so buying online is out of the question.... so wheres best to go... Believe it or not through my searches dixons (and yes im shocked too) do seem to be one of the cheapest... with the z1000 at 180, think at argos its 250 and at jessops 280 or something silly

so the qu's i suppose being asked in a round up...

is the best camera at 150-200 that can:

last long i.e. battery life (is it best to have a rechargable or AA/AAA type cam?)
take good pics in the dark.. gd flash /iso

also where best to buy (shop wise)

and any other info you may think will be of use... thank you!

oh.. links to cameras if possible too!!!

thank you very much to all that can help!

Well since I use Canon I strongly suggest you too as well, the model is a Canon Powershot A520, I got it nearly two years ago but it works excellently and doesn't seem outdated.
If you are going to get a new camera go for a:
Canon for its lenses, or,
Fugi for its features, or,
Olympus for its durability, <------These are my favourites
Or go these others like:
Nikon, or,
Do not go with:
HP <----They are the worst manufacturer of cameras
I think the Canon IXUS 60 or IXUS 65 are quite good.
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