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James Kim, died in Oregon wilderness to save his family

This would be more appropriate in one of the tech forums, but its news I suppose. As many of you may (or not) know James Kim, a top reviewer at CNET, resident of California went missing in the middle of a storm in Oregon. The facts are still a bit sketchy, but it seems that the car he and his family were travelling in broke down. After 5 days in the car, he decided for the best interest of his family to venture outside in search of help. His family was found yesterday and airlifted possibly with a lead from SMS messages. There are reports that he was contacted yesterday but its unknown if that was the case. The search ended today when he was found deceased. It's very sad that Mr. Kim died, I remember when he reviewed hardware back on TechTv.

There are quite a few articles out there and in the last day or two I started seeing news reports.
yes this is sad, and so is the development. apparently a vandal opened the road on which they travelled. Kim wrote a pretty good article on mp3 players recently too.
Sure the guy was heroic, but he was also a moron when it comes to that situation:
So he's stuck on the road, and decides to go get help. He has the choice of going further on the road or going back along the road, either way on foot. So, what does he do? Set off to the side cross-country... What made him think he was more likely to find help that way?
Star Wars Fanatic
Well you do have a point, as it is taught that you should stay in your car if anything such as that ever occured.

Did you guys here that his wife kept their kids alive by nursing them?
sounds like a horror movie, really weird, he got desperate and walked out of the car to find help in the middle of a storm in the middle of nowhere. I hope that does not happen to me because I drive a lot by freeway, I guess a safe bet is stay on the car and use one of those hi-tech devices . It is pretty ironic, may be he trusted too much on his GPS device, who knows?
^He trusted too much in his car; he passed by multiple signs warning that the road was blocked by snowdrifts.
In laying down his life for the lake of trying to save his family is pretty much herioc and selfless i guess. But to travel in bad weather despite warnings, that wasn't very good a move. It's better late than sorry especially travelling through those uninhabited freeways.
This is a very sad story....I pray for his family. However, as a father I know it would be very hard to sit there and do nothing as your family starved to death, so despite the fact that what he did goes against standard protocol, I can understand why he did it.
It's so sad to see someone die this way now-a-days. He died trying to save his family. That's the way to go.
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