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The greatest band ever?? Or What!
ummm...i would say not...but they are a good band...master of puppets and one are my favourite songs...although their st.Anger album was kinda not great for me..sounded like the drummers snare was a tin can haha...good band band in the world?? not in my opinion Smile
I've seen enough of this kinds of posts!

Stop it...

Please do not talk any topics on the BEST issues.

Everyone has his own thinking!
I just wanted to see what your favorite band was Shocked
Well their old songs are great but i really don't like their new stuff. Especially kirk hammet's soloing has become the worst soloing you imagine. He should really cut down on that wah-wah...
But none the less metallica is one of favority bands.
achene wrote:
Well their old songs are great but i really don't like their new stuff. Especially kirk hammet's soloing has become the worst soloing you imagine. He should really cut down on that wah-wah...
But none the less metallica is one of favority bands.

Know what you mean. Listened to Kill Em All the other day and it's just superb. Anything since the Black album I'm not so keen on tbh
Withuot doubt the greatest band ever!!! They're music is just great... something from other planet... What I feel when I listen Metallica... I couldn't say how is that feeling! I play the guitar and I play all Kirk Hammet's songs! He's great! he really is!!! So...what else can I say.... they're music is just what they are!!
No way. Have they even released something recently? They're ancient, and I wish people would get over them, name me one good song... it's all crap! You can't even understand the words coming out of their mouths b/c of the shitty screaming.
Surely releasing something recently isn't a measure of a band's quality? Are the Beatles not quite good for example?!

As for good songs, its all down to personal taste (which is why I agree with mattchun's post), however for me the following Metallica songs stand out...dunno why, they just do Smile

Fade to Black
Hit The Lights
Enter Sandman
Nothing Else Matters
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Damage, inc

to name but a few. There are some on Garage Days Revisited that are top notch too, though its probably been about 3 years since I listened to that album so I can't remember the names!
Metallica is so awesome Smile I have almost every album.... except st. anger... i hated the first song released from it.
The St. Anger album was definitely... well, different. I for one didn't like it but I'm pretty sure some must have. I personally prefer anything from Ride the Lightning up to Reload. Some songs just really start to sound alike after a while, especially on the the second half of Garage Inc.

S&M was great for a change, I'm pretty sure most would agree on that.
The best heavy metal band ever heard!!! Metallica!!!!!!! just faboulus!!!!
Mettallica is great. There the reason my bro plays guitar, and the reason he has a Gibson Explorer!
Yeh the best band of ever, they will stay in the human history..

But my favorits bands are Dragonforce and Blind Guardin.

So my music style is Power metal

Sory 4 my english
Metallica isn't power metal.. It's Metal / Heavy Metal ..
rj123 wrote:

But my favorits bands are Dragonforce and Blind Guardin.
So my music style is Power metal

He didn't said that Metallica was power metal!!
Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Nothing Else Matters

These are my favs songs! From Metallica.

Is it true that they work on a new album ?
I've been listening to a lot of Master of Puppets and Justice for all lately. Still their best work to my way of thinking.
There the most successful Heavy Metal band ever I guess....I used to be really big into them until I got into DM and BM. Then I stopped listening to Mainstream Metal completely. But I still turn some Metallica on from time to time.
Successful - yes.
Greatest ever? No

Their music is so boring, they are past their best trying to recreate their success. Metallica died a long time ago.

The above message is an opinion. You can't really ever say "Oh, this is the best band in the world" - far to many people will disagree with your opinion
Mettalica are very good but the are not the best band in the world. There only decent songs are master of puppets and Enter Sandman. I will admit that they are successful but they are nothing to the likes of trivium and cradle of filth who are true metal gods. Compared to them Metalica are mere mortals that will soon die under the gods
I'm not going to lie; they are a good band. They are one of the pioneers of metal, and one of the few bands that kept it real during the eighties. But honestly, I'm not a huge fan; I don't think their music is very listenable. But I gotta give it to them, because they have some of the sickest riffs out there. I mean, James Hetfield is an awesome rhythm guitarist, and I don't even need to talk about Kirk Hammett.
twisthigh wrote:
No way. Have they even released something recently?

June 13 2004 - some kind of monster was released in contribution to the Some Kind of Monster documentary. There is also a new album scheduled for release in early 2007.
twisthigh wrote:

They're ancient, and I wish people would get over them, name me one good song... it's all crap! You can't even understand the words coming out of their mouths b/c of the shitty screaming.
You have obviously only ever heard 1 or 2 metallica songs, as many of their songs dont contain (as you so splendidly put it) "shitty screaming", or any screaming at all.
#1 band for me!! they are a great band and their guitarist Kirk Hammet plays a major role in their success.

My favorite songs are:

Master Of Puppets
Enter Sandman
Nothing Else Matters
Seek and Destroy
Fade to Black
Hit The Lights

They are the only band out there who give proper live concerts. And everyone enjoys them
in the past are very very good, (y), now not much Very Happy,
favorites songs: Master of puppet, and One
TheMasterCheaif wrote:
The greatest band ever?? Or What!

It my be...
They have some awesome songs.. I like them ...
metallica is one of the band i admire most for their unique creation and amazing muzik..
Most definately. the best band of all time without doubt!!!

every album is great
I'll go with the 'or what' option. I used to be huge into them, but I used to be 13 years old once. I was so closed minded to different types of music, and thought they were the most talented guys in the world. Oh how I was wrong.

I still listen to them today, but just not to the extent of what I used to. AJFA is still one of my favorite all time albums though. It still has that brutal consistency that they once had.

I don't know what to say about their next CD other than it could remake them, or break them forever. If this CD this kick some ass, then it's going to be a huge disappointment, especially when your last CD was St. Anger.

I guess we'll see.
Fright Knight
Metallica, they are a great band. Well if we stay on the shallow part of the metal world, they might be one of the best if not the best. But if we go further into the infinity of the list of the metal bands in the world, they might be on the top 1000-10000. There are many good metal bands in the world. the problem is their style does not catches everyone's attention or appreciation. I believe that there are about 100 Thousand to 200 thousand metal bands in the world.

But come to think of this. Who cares if Metallica is the best or the worst metal band in the world? As long as you love their style and their music, you got to be happy listening to them.

Hei do they have any slow song, I mean melodious, like Michale Jackson's Heal the World ?? I like songs like that. If there is some such songs from metallicca, then please post them here, so I can grab them. Thanks in Advance.
I'm not very sure about the 'slow, melodious' you're talking about, but I sincerely doubt you'll find much in common between Michael Jackson and Metallica soon.
'Hero of the day' Is slow compared to most of their others.
So is 'One'
Dr Carruthers
They have some amazing songs, but most of their stuff I simply don't like. Alas, I'm not a metal fan.
Enter Sandman is my favourite, probably...
Metallica is a great band.
Being one of the "BIG 4" bands from the 80's, alongside Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax. (Great bands also!)
Pioneers of the Thrash / Speed Metal Genre along with Slayer back in 1983.

I own all their albums and prefer their old stuff, S&M + Garage Inc

I don't mind a few songs off Load. Too country for my liking though.
ReLoad is better - songs like Fuel, The Unforgiven II & Bad Seed etc.
St. Anger is crazy bad. They must love to copy & paste.

Still a fan. Really looking forward to their new album as there are rumors of it being more old school!
If it's anything like Garage Days Revisited I'm gonna pass though. Never really was a fan of Kill 'em All either.
Fright Knight
I'm a fan of Unforgiven and Unforgiven II. Many more songs but I never listened to their St. Anger. I think they evolved too much on that album that they felt their young metal heads. Old School metallica is still better than their latest. Jason Newsted must be aching to return somehow. Is he?
duno wots happenin on the jason front. last time i heard he was in his own band....but yeh i think its pretty well agreed metallicas old stuff is waaaaaay beta than st anger. i love S&M the most...but im probly biased coz i play violin Laughing
Metallica were great till 1991, their next albul in 1994 is so stupid, I couldn't belive that's metallica. And they' re not the greatest metal band...
Fright Knight
Try listening to European Metal bands. They have a lot to offer. I listen to Swedish bands. They really have a lot to offer.
Thanks u all, atleast I got some songs from metallicca for my next journey. So I can say to my friends that I do listen to metallicca also. Some songs I got are like carzy, I dont like them, seems to make headache.
I suppose if you put it that way, 9 out of 10 songs will 'give you a headache', which basically means that Metallica is not your thing. Try going towards sympho-metal, or prog metal instead. It has more of an emphasis on melody, rather than volume and aggression.

(yeah, I'm being blunt here. I know, Metallica also has melodies. I just said more of an emphasis, mind you)
One of the gratest bands!! definetly!!!
The old music from Metallica is way better...

They are trying to go from hard rock / heavy metal to louder metal
but idk why they shud change anything, they shud just keep making music like when they we're leet :p

music like Nothing Else Matters...

o well :p
or like No remorse... Twisted Evil
Hi all. Can Anybody tell me? When Metallica going to make a big tour in East Europe including Russia? I was in Monsters of Rock at 1993 year and tired to wait another one show Smile
Fright Knight
try listening to melodic metal. I recommend the album THE BATTLE all song were composed be Magnuss Carlson and sung by jorn lande and russell allen. It is one of the best album that i have.
The old metallica was awesome. I just love the hardcore metal song they play. Now I don't know what happened, but they aren't like they were before.
Fright Knight
Wilio wrote:
The old metallica was awesome. I just love the hardcore metal song they play. Now I don't know what happened, but they aren't like they were before.

maybe because they are trying to blend with the latest trend in metal in the USA. (i don't know if you agree with me though.)
Metallica is a king. Laughing
My favorite songs are nothing else matters, die die my darling and shoot me again
mettalica rules
Bancan wrote:
mettalica rules's spelled "Metallica".
It's only my opinion, but here it is:

the remaining members of Metallica should have honoured the memory of Cliff Burton by collectively jumping off a very high bridge. Since Master of Puppets (by far their best effort) they have done nothing but suck the corporate teet and get rich. They forgot somewhere along the line that they were a metal band, and decided to join the ranks of other "rock" bands.

Their first 3 releases (well, first 3 full-length releases, I mean) were good, great, and amazing, in that order. After that, it was pure crap.

And Justice For All doesn't even have any bass tracks on it...they didn't trust Newstead to do a good job, so took the bass completely out of the mix and beefed up the guitars to cover this most heinous of crimes.

Bob Rock then came on the scene and turned them into another Aerosmith.

Like I said...this is just my opinion...

I see alot of you who listen to Metallica don't like St. Anger album, but from my point of viev it is the best album yet...

Frantic and St. Anger are the best Very Happy ... I like Tuesday's Gone (Garage Inc.) too
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