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Man-U Rocks Again

Manchester United came back from a goal down to beat Benfica 3-1 to qualify for the next phase of the Champions League as winners of Group F. Sir Alex Ferguson predicted his side would get through, he also reflected on their enduring capacity never to achieve anything without first putting their supporters through purgatory.

Man-U Rocks Smile
I Love Rooney,Saha,Ronaldo,Giggs .... one of the best bunch of players in British Clubs Smile
Yea, Vidic really played well and Man U owe him the match....
Go ManU !!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, with 4 teams out of the last 16 being English, looks like the Premier League is going all out to regain the Champions League.
Vidic is good. I love this guy Cool
Well, Man Utd revanged for her lost last year and for that - that Benfica caused to Man utd to not qualify to the next stage, this year Man Utd won her and qualified.

Good luck to Man Utd in the premier league and in the Champions, hope she will win the title in the Premier League.
We are now clear 8 points of Chelsea with their 1-1 draw with Arsenal

Go ManU, go ManU !!
Have you seen that game Chelsea - Arsenal? Arsenal should feel lucky still having one point at the end... Also very lucky for Man U in the race for the championship but that's allright, I don't like to see Chelsea winning Wink
It is good to see Man U. challenging Che's monopoly over the champ that has lasted for two years. I'm tired of watching MU, Arsenal and Liverpool desperately trying to minimize the gap between them and Chealsea. Vidic and Van Der Sar have tightened up the defense of MU this year, while Ronney and C. Ronaldo become more experienced and skillful after the world cup. MU now no longer needs to rely on just Rooney or Van Nis. alone as nearly all their attacking players (Saha, C. Ronaldo, Giggs, Rooney,etc) can all score goals themselves. I hope MU can keep it up and prevent Chealsea from defending their champ this season Very Happy, even though I'm a Liverpool fans myself. Sad
But why do you think it's all going so much better this year than last year? Last year they also had those players like Saha, Ronaldo, Rooney and Giggs... Van Nistelrooy even left, so why do you think they are scoring more now than before?

Also, I sincerely hope that they can manage this first place they have going on here. With a defence like this you can't even lose if you want to: Neville, Heinze, Ferdinand and Van der Sar in the goal.

However if you look at last year they also had 44 points, it also has to do with the fact that Chelsea is just 'slappe hap' as we Dutch folks like to call it, they're just wet sacks... Wink
To tell you the truth, heading into Christmas, I never expected ManU to be in the lead. I had expected us to be be trailing, but yeah, it feels great.
They're much better than last season.. I also wonder why.. but who cares? I only pray man Utd to win everytime I watch them!
I couldn't believe that ManU was ahead going into the holidays either. I'm a big Barcelona fan I have relatives there and I guess I'm kind of influenced by the team they root for. I'm in shock also about ManU being ahead.
Congratulations to Manchester United fans around the world. They have been fantastic in this season. They deserve what they get right now. I'm really not a fan of Manchester United Team but they deserve to be praised.

I'm Chelsea fan and there's hope for us too. The game is still wide open. A good two matches will close the gap. Till then happy Man U fans!
Chelsea ????????

Who is Chelsea Laughing

Yeah, jokes apart, ManU has been great, Chelsea has been so and so, thats the major difference. Of course depth wise, ManU cant compete with Chelsea. In fact no club can, except maybe Barcelona.

Champions League draws are out, ManU vs Lille. Hope we win !!!
Vidic really saved ManU against Benfica. It is a question whether MU would manage to recover if he hadn't scored that goal.
ManU defeated in last game, right?

So Chelsea is going up!!!
mattchun wrote:
ManU defeated in last game, right?

So Chelsea is going up!!!

Unfortuntely yea, the shock lose to West Ham means that the gap ahs been shortened to 2 points.

I'm thrilled to see Utd leading at this point, but I think the real challenge is coming up. With the January transfers and the money that Ibramovic can throw around Chelsea have the potential to get some more fantastic players.

However, with Larsson coming to us for a while I can see us winning most of our games. Hargreeves would be a fantastic addition to the squad, him and Carrick have shown that they can work together at world cup level and I think they would dominate most midfields (unless Gerrard is midfielder in the premiership), which is where most matches are won.
Well I thought Chelsea had lost that game till those two long range goals from Lampard and Drogba.
Anyway, still 2 points in the lead, so we are still there.
sajanzv wrote:
Well I thought Chelsea had lost that game till those two long range goals from Lampard and Drogba.
Anyway, still 2 points in the lead, so we are still there.

It is not a very comfortable position for Man United anymore. Chelsea has closed the gap to just 2 points. Anyways, the premiership is interesting because we have good teams like these two...
Back up to 7 points lead, but we dropped 2 points at NewCastle. Now lets see what Chelsea is going to do.

ManU , ManU !!!
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