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Buying new computer, need advice

I want to buy i new computer and I need advice. I have a little over US$500 to spend on it. I am looking for a large hard drive, lots of ram, preferable a media center with a free vista upgrade. Does anyone know of any of those good computers.
polly-gone wrote:
I want to buy i new computer and I need advice. I have a little over US$500 to spend on it. I am looking for a large hard drive, lots of ram, preferable a media center with a free vista upgrade. Does anyone know of any of those good computers.

I'm not sure how much of a computer you'll get for ~$500 to be honest. However, I would recommend that you wait until Vista is released in January before you buy one - you can then guarantee if it will run on your computer or not. If you buy one now, you may find that it's unable to run Vista.
i want a ferrari but i have money enough for only a ford. does anyone know where i can get this?

seriously though, get real....what you will get for 500$ is a system that barely manages to run vista (forget aero)...either wait a while like Animal suggested (although to get a vista capable PC for just 500 you will have to wait a long time) or just stick with XP
I think you can find something from 2nd hand very good at that price
How you ever try outpost ebay or amazon
You need to think about a comerce mark or maybe home made it
In this last world is maybe the answer, try to assamble one by your self maybe is a little risk but you can beat the cost.
In other hand what do you think about this DELL in 499.99 (take it from ebay) is a new one with a 1 year warranty

Brand New Dell Dimension E521 Plus FREE Upgrade to Windows VISTA Home Premium Offer (See details below)
DELL Dimension E521

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (2.20GHz) (Beats Intel Pentium D Dual Core 830 3GHz processor) click here for details
Memory: 1GB DDR2 Dual Channel at 533 MHz
Optical Drive: 16X SATA DVD+/-RW w/double layer write capability (DVD+/-RW drives can read and burn both DVDs and CDs)
Hard Drive: 160GB SATA II (7200RPM)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE Integrated Graphics GPU
Network Card: Integrated Network Card (Cable & DSL Internet Ready)
Sound Card: Integrated 7.1 Channel audio
Keyboard: Dell USB Keyboard
Mouse: Dell USB 2-button mouse
Operating System: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, FREE Express Upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium, See Offer details below.
Internet: FREE! 6 Months of AOL Internet Access (Fax/Modem Upgrade needed)

Available Ports:
1 front headphone jack
1 front microphone jack
Six back-panel connectors for line-in, line-out, microphone, rear surround, side surround, SPDIF interface
8 USB 2.0 ports - 2 front/4 back/2 internal
Serial ATA Ports: Two 7-pin connector
Video: 1 VGA port

Available Slots:

2 PCI slots
1 PCIe x 1 slot
1 PCIe x 16 (graphics) slot

Included Software:

Microsoft Works 8.5 Plus Office Trial
Image Restore
PC Restore Recovery System by Symantec
Windows Media Player 10
Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0
Sonic Cineplayer
Roxio Creator

Dell Owners Manual installed on the system
Music Jukebox by Yahoo

Corel Snapfire Basic - Organize and Edit your photos
PowerDVD Software Decoding for DVD Drives
Limited trial security software
Hold on a sec, Don't do Dells; I just built my friend a new system for $250 that can easily run Vista.

First question is what exatly do you plan to use your computer for?
Basic word prosessor & Web browsing
Audio or video editing
Media Center (Hook up to TV and such)
Other (Server or such)

Next Question
What do you have laying around or in you old system that you can use in your new system:

CPU (Rare)
PSU (Most likely)
Optical Drives (Most likely)
Hard Drive (Most likely)
Mouse (Most likely)
Keyboard (Most likely)
Monitor (Most likely)
Speakers (Most likely)
Video Card
Sound Card

You can save a lot of money by using you old stuff.

3rd Question: How much cash do you have now? And how much are you willing to put into the whole system? ( Are you willing to buy the system piece by piece as you are able cash wise)

Last Question: What is your computer knowledge level? Noob? Basic? Geek? or so on? Basicly do you feel comfirtable putting together yourown system?

Let me know and we can help you out... For less money you can easily get a better system than a Dell.
Using old parts???Like what?the monitor? cause all the others are out of question...he must buy a mobo,video card,ram,HDD(he wants a big one), a new PSU, to support the new more-demanding, how the heck you suggest that he will save money by keeping "the old parts"?
And when you say that the computer is "vista capable", you mean Barely capable?~thats not good

Buy a computer with 500$ and stick with windows XP...
Or just wait&gather more money, to get something better, although i believe that even if you had 5000$ to spend on a computer, that you still shouldn't upgrade to vista soon.(wait until they mature, and until all the other users get all the bugs/security gaps in their faces, and microsoft fix them.

~~What you think is the reason that vista server edition(and all server editions) are coming about an year later than the commercial one?
Most likely a lot of his old system will not work with his new system, but every little bit helps.

If you get Pentiem D 805 $85
Asus MoBo (with onboard video if not planning to buy video card) $70
1 Gb Ram $100-$150
Case& PSU as low as $25
Hard Drive 320 Gb $90
18x DL DVD burner w/ Lightscribe $30
OS $109 XP Media Center w/ free Vista Upgrade

Total: $509 (with tax and shipping) all from

The cpu runs at Duel Core 2.66 w/ 2 MB Cache (Sweet by most standards)
but can easily be overclocked to 3.3 off stock cooling and volatge, and up to 3.8 off Zalman Air Cooler, and up past 4.0Ghz off water cooling!!! Which matches anything but the Conroes on the market.
ForceRun has it pretty right. Though $500 is not an enormous budget by any means, it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice and not run Vista either. (P.S. you dont really NEED to run Vista unless you have an 880GTS video card or better purely because the only real upgrade worth using Vista is DX10 IMO)

The system above would run Vista just fine, however I may have a better suggestion here, though you will need to save up another $100 or so, though I think you would be happier with it since they are not low end parts by any means.

AMD Opteron 165 dual core 1.8Ghz (Extremely overclockable chip btw) - $157
DFI nF4 Ultra-Infinity Socket 939 motherboard - $63
G.Skill Dual Channel 1GB (2x512mb) DDR400 RAM - $104
Evga Nvidia 7600GT (great card) - $120
OEM 250GB Seagate HDD from Newegg - $75
400W PSU - ~$50
You can then pick the case of your choice and use a cd drive from an old build or spend another $30 for a new one...

overall the listed parts will run $561 before shipping and then the case will cost at least another $50 and then $30 for a optical drive.

In total, probalby about $650, but IMO well worth the extra cost because that thing will overclock like hell if you ever want it to...

The only problem then is the OS, you will have to come up with the $100 for windows if you want it...or use linux Very Happy
recommended vista RAM is 1GB. And installation will take up approximately 15GB. So you'll probably need a system that'll be able to handle the needed processing and booting up of vista.
Yeah, over all it is not hard at all to put a new system together, either set of AMD or Intel specs work great. For gaming I usally say AMD but lately I like the Pentene Ds and Core 2 Duos better. Intel for general computer use. As far as visita goes i say wait, but if you do want to be a paying beta tester go ahead, note that you will need a basic video card just to run the desktop, the Ati300 onboard like I listed should be able to just run it, but at least a GeForce 7600 GT is preferable in my book. Hopefully they will release a GeForce 8600 or something with a little less power, but same tech level and much low price, thats the card to get.

As far as Dells go, the specs look good but really arn't. They use dirt cheap Motherboards (no Overclocking), PSU, Cases, and so on. The system is all hacked up with all the extra Dell updaters/programs. All in all greatly bottlenecking the system. HP, eMachene, or anyother of that type are even worst.
500? Good luck bud, you'll need it. I would say splurge and get a mac,b ut thats gonna be way outta your price range. Ok, advise... look on tiger direct, sign up for the newsletter,y ou get some good deals on barbone sets. Also, dell might be a good choice, but good luck with 500 and vista. Those won't go together. Vista isn't that great anyway, trust me. I have been using the RTM version, and it chrashes ALL THE TIME. Forget it, go MAC
With how fast technology changes, unless you need the computer for a specific purpose (intense gaming, server, etc), I recommend purchasing a cheap computer with as much ram and hard drive space as you can find. I look at a computer purchase as only a 3-5 year investment.

polly-gone wrote:
I want to buy i new computer and I need advice. I have a little over US$500 to spend on it. I am looking for a large hard drive, lots of ram, preferable a media center with a free vista upgrade. Does anyone know of any of those good computers.
and get your computer, their refurbished models are better than you may expect, and they're cheap, I got one for my dad for 200$, and it's still working fine after 5 years!
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