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Photoshop the Astronaut contest. (100frih$, dec20) (Round 2)

Rules are simple:
The contest duration has changed! Deadline is now December 20th!
1: Only one entry per person; if you want to change your entry, either edit the post you made the entry with or explicitly tell me you want the latest one entered only. If you ignore this rule, none of your entries will be considered.

2: Deadline is Dec. 20th. After that, a poll will be made to decide who's is the best. The poll will end two weeks after it is started.

3: 100 frih$ to the winner; no more no less.

4: Edit the original image; do not start with others' work or you will be disqualified for plagiarism.

5: You can use any image editor you want; GIMP, Photoshop, MS Paint, et cetera... I just used 'photoshop' in the title because everyone knows what that means.

6: Edit this image; all entries must include at least some part of it.

(I figured I'd up the difficulty level a bit on this one: Don't neglect the reflections!)

This is not an official Frihost contest; I'm the only person behind it.

No, there is no personal gain for me here; no entry fees. I just want to make this type of contest a standby here, done monthly.

Have fun!
You can vote for the winner of the previous contest here.
S3nd K3ys
You should have some fun with this one.

That thing in his right hand looks like the Ramma Damma King Bong with a Solar Lighter.

Looks very hard. Looks like there won't be a lot of funny ones this round. I could be mistaken though

Heres the link to the first one round:
Star Wars Fanatic
I will get started on mine soon, do you mind if I make it smaller, ocalhoun?
^'Course not, I just included the full-size image so as not to loose any resolution. You can make it 10px by 10px if you want (though good luck winning with that...)
Star Wars Fanatic
Alright, thanks, boy, this is gonna take me a while, and I will do the next month's contest for ya, so you can enter, I will start it on January 6, when this one ends, just don't let me forget, Razz
Captain Fertile
Do I just post my entry here right away or do I email it to someone who puts all the entries on at the same time when it is time to judge?

Sorry, I'm a contest virgin.


PS Great choice of picture, challenging but still plenty of inspiration to be found in it.
Star Wars Fanatic
Just post it here, boy, mine is taking longer then I expected, lol.
Captain Fertile
Star Wars Fanatic wrote:
Just post it here, boy, mine is taking longer then I expected, lol.

Mine didn't take so long, I just wanted to have a play with a couple of techniques in Photoshop.

Well, there's two entries... I was kinda hoping for more... Did I choose too difficult of a subject?
ocalhoun wrote:
Did I choose too difficult of a subject?

I think I'm gonna go with "yes" on that one. Maybe the next round should be a little more basic (so that me and my meagre GIMP skills can at least finish an entry!)
Star Wars Fanatic
I am doing the next round, so it will be a bit easier then this one, lol, I already have the image, it is is pretty easy. And I am still working on mine (stupid finals Evil or Very Mad ). Plus I can't find an image that I need...
I think we should just cancel this picture and get another picture. This one is too hard to come up with something creative or funny
^That would require some major date-rearranging...
Exclamation sweeping change: read this Exclamation
Arrow I'm going to make this a two-week contest: every contest will last two weeks, just like the polls on the contests.

(That way, you only have to wait 6 days for a new image to work with)
I think, I'll keep this change as permanent, as an entire month is a little overkill for editing just one image, no matter how detailed a job you do on it, and even I get impatient waiting for the month to be over.
Star Wars Fanatic
Here is my entry, it isn't that good quality wise, lol:

Alright guys... I'll give it a try...
Check it out... small simple changes but to the point... Wink Thinking of the fact that many believe this picture was taken in the Nevada decert, or something like that...
Star Wars Fanatic
Lol, that is still believed? That is too funny, but whatever, and thanks for the entry, I will close this contest tomorrow, and start the poll for it, as well as start the next contest (that is about 12 hours from now for me).
Star Wars Fanatic
This contest is over, and this topic can be closed, the poll can be found here:

And the next contest can be found here:
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