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About Knitted Garments!

Hi Everyone!
I'm RK from Tirupur! India's one of the greatest knit city!
You shall ask any doubt you have regarding knitted garment!! Will help you understand the things better!!
Please do understand that I know only about weft Knitting!! not about warp Knitting!!

Over here in North America, we only use the terms warp and weft to refer to weaving, (so far as I know)
I'm not sure how they apply to knitting?
Would you like to explain?
What you have said is correct!
In the woven fabric the yarns that are parallel to the two thick edges [correct name is : Selvedge] of the fabric, that run in lengthwise direction is called "Warp" yarn & the one that is perpendicular to the Selvedge is called "weft" yarn!!

Here, in knitting, warp & weft knitting indicates the direction in which the yarns are fed!
If the yarns are fed in horizontal direction, the type of knitting is called "Weft Knitting" that is what we do here in "Tirupur", India.
If the yarns are fed in vertical direction, that is called warp knitting!

Hope I have cleared your doubt??

Do you have anymore doubt??
I didn't know about warp knitting. I assume it must be done on machine... learn something new everyday.
Of course, there's different styles of good old fashioned "weft" (sorry, enjoying the new term Wink ) knitting. Continental and American?
Is there a particular regional style in your neighbourhood?
(Nobody knits continental style here... everyone insists I'm doing it "backwards"! (But it's a more efficient motion, and it still works)
What I have mentioned are all done on machines only!! Not on hand!!
All are done with high speed imported knitting machines!
We do all kinds of knitting:
Some of the basic structures that are commonly done are:
Single Jersey,
Double Jersey,
Pointel Rib,
Flatback Rib,
Jacquard S/J, etc,.

In all the above mentioned varieties it's possible to produce several self designs apart from the normal decorative designs like Printing, Embroidery & Colouring!

What I have said as warp knitting is not practiced here in "Tirupur". It's practiced in a place called "Ludjiana" in North India.

Hope you should have heard of "Tirupur", as our city is very much famous for casual wear manufacturing & Exporting!!

Many brands source their products from here! From "Tom Cross" , "Danny" to "Wal-Mart" & "JC Penny"!!

Some of the machines we use for knitting are:
Mayer & Cie, SMART, Pai-Lung, YearChina, PMW, Lysik, etc,.

If you have anydoubts regarding wet-processing also, you shall contact me!!
I've some knowledge in the Knitted Fabrics wet-processing!!
When you refer to wet processing, do you mean felted garments?
If so , do you knit them first and then felt them?
Or do you felt them with needles? (I have some felting needles - fun, but time consuming)
Or do you use another process that i'm not aware of?
Here what I meant by wet processing is different from Felting!
Here in our Knitted garments manufacturing process, the yarns are first knitted & the resulting is called greige cloth! this cloth is normally light yellowish in color!
This cloth is first Scoured, then bleached & dyed with the necessary colours then, dried, padded & compacted! these are the overview of all the process I said as "wet-processing"!!

Apart from what i have said aboce there are also some extra, value added process like, stone-wash, acid wash, bio-wash, enzyme wash, mercirising, etc!!
These are also called wet-process!!
It is because all these involve Water as the base material!!

I would be glad to know one thing from you!
Are you doing Apparel Business??
If yes, My suggestions & ideas might be of great use to you!! So don't hesitate to ask any type of question! I will try my best to answer all the questions!!
Ludhiana in Punjab India is world-renowned for its hosiery market and thankfully we get our sweaters from there. But I still like to wear hand-knitted sweaters made by my wife or auntie.
raaeft1 wrote:
Ludhiana in Punjab India is world-renowned for its hosiery market and thankfully we get our sweaters from there. But I still like to wear hand-knitted sweaters made by my wife or auntie.

Yes, I didn't deny that Ludhiana is good in Hosiery. But Tirupur has got an edge over it.
It might be possible for them to knit sweaters & tops made of silk. But when it comes to Apparel made up of 100% cotton, no city in India can match Tirupur.
I'm pretty sure about this.
Because, in the warp knitting, which is being practiced in Ludhiana, it's some what difficult to knit the spun yarns. Whereas in weft knitting, it's very simple.
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