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True Innocents: Looking Back

S3nd K3ys
Here's another blog entry I thought I'd share with you...

Looking Back

I’ve been a parent for almost 4 years now, and I gotta tell you, life sure is different now. Shortly before we had Cz, I used to look forward and wonder what life would be like when tied down with children. I was used to it being just the two of us. It was like that for several years and I thought I would never get used to not being like that.

Here I am, only 4 years into parenting, and I often catch myself looking back. Looking back to the good ol days of not having to worry about things like going to a Christmas Party and finding a babysitter. Or having to worry about getting time off from work because of a sick baby or closed preschool. Not having to worry about many of the things I worry about today. It was much different then. Much easier.

When I think back at life the way it was, I smile. I smile because those were very good times full of fond memories and beautiful times shared with the one I love. Shared with my best friend.

I smile because every time I look back at what life used to be like, I can’t think of anything that would make me want to go back to that life. Anything. Life now is filled with even fonder memories and beautiful times shared with the ones I love. Shared with my best friends.
That was nice. I liked that. I do not have children but I can relate to you, the stress parents sometimes have but that in a way they are the happiest people in the world...

Sometimes Life is great.
Couldn't agree more with you.

Ten years or more ago, happiness to me meant being able to hit the town and all the clubs. I was a totally different person then.

Now, after having two kids, that has lost all its importance. It's not like I regret a life like that, it's just that I wouldn't want to go back to it again form anything in the world.

What I have now is all I need. I often find myself coming home early from work just to play with them, so I can totally agree with what you are saying.
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