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Need Mac Users to view my site

I need someone running a Mac to view my webpage with whatever browsers they have installed (IE, Safari, anything else), to let me know if it displays properly. I don't have access to a Mac so I can't test it myself.

You'll know if the site displays correctly if there are no gaps between the borders, the image slideshow at the top changes images every 20 seconds, and the flash menu works. Please check the photo and static galleries to see if everything loads properly. Thumbnails should load evenly spaced, and a preview should pop-up above the thumbnails when you rollover them. It was all done with CSS.

Any help would be great. I will work to get an image uploaded today so you can see what it looks like.

Well I tested it with safari and firefox, hell will need to freeze over before I install IE on this.

In firefox everything went find, save one thing.
In the photo 'page' there wasn't any space between the photo and the thumbs. Other than that, it was fine,

In safari, it might just be that I dont have a setting set(I dont really use it much, just for testing) When the banner changed, it didn't want to load it, thus leaving a white space. I think thats more so how I have it set, and not the page though.

and also on the photo page, there wasn't any space between the thumbs and the image.

Good site, a little(and I mean little) bandwidth heavy but, for a photo site I guess you would need to be.

Thanks for the input. The top banner is a Javascript slideshow, so it might be your javascript settings. When I tested the photo pages in Firefox on XP (well, Netscape 8 rendering as Firefox, there was space between the popup preview and the thumbs. It's no big deal though as long as the image doesn't overlap the thumbs.

It is a bit bandwidth heavy, especially with the Christmasization of the site (i.e. javascript snow), but I tried to reduce the load by using an iframe and having only the iframe reload. The rest stays the same unless you refresh outside the iframe.

Once again, thanks for the input, and more from everyone is always welcome Smile
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