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Music and Video Conversion Sony Ericsson

I've just wrote a short guide on how to convert a music or video file to the format that supported by Sony Ericsson phones

· Convert most all of video music or any video to the smallest possible file size
with the most considerable video quality and sound. This video will be convert to
the mpeg-4 format also known as .mp4
· Video size can be reduce generally up to 5mb per file or maybe sometimes 6mb.
It depends on the length of the file. I’m speaking right now about video clips
which have normally length of 5 minutes
· Convert any music file to the format .m4a. Generally with this format, you can
achieve the most smallest possible file size.
· Music files can be reduce up to 1-2mb per file

Get the guide in pdf file here

In short time the link for the software in the guide maybe will not be the most updated one..because the developer of the software is still giving a lots of effort in building this great software..Still in beta though..But working almost perfectly with no flaws
Hit there,

Hum...this is quite interesting I have a K608i and although it has mp3 player, it has only 32Mb of internal memory. Maybe this process will be quite useful to me since i can't take my normal mp3 reader to anywhere...

Thx and Keep up the good wok.

PS: when i have some result ill post again.
I use 3GP Converter to convert video for my nokia mobile. It is an excellent tool too.
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