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Practice Exercises For Guitar

Would anyone happen to know any good finger excercises for building speed and accuracy with guitar? I have been doing it on my own and been wondering if there are better eways to practice.
I know this sounds like a copout but i would say just practising playing the guitar a little extra. Choose a song where there is a fast riff and practice it for a length of time, increasing the speed and power you put into it and you will gradually improve. Smile
Scales are the best way to get good at knowing your way around the guitar (as with any instrument), although not of course as your sole practise.

Play as many scales as you can find, build speed and experiment with different rhythms. Not only will your accuracy and technique improve but also your knowledge of keys and scales meaning you will be able to play more fluently and confidently in a given key for a given piece.

Also, learn arpeggios as well so that you have practise hitting notes still in a given key but further apart than a tone or semitone.

Just google or go to a decent tab site to find all the scales and arpeggios you need.
Scales, arpeggios, and wild crazy solos are the best bet for those trying to build up accuracy and articulation. Practice them slow at first, note for note, in a monorhythmic fashion. Once you get the notes down, get the rhythm down pat, then speed up. That's really the only way.
Cedar Speeder
As far as technique improvement goes, there's lots of information to share, but three key elements I've found to help me out a lot are:

1) Technique exercises before every practise session for at least 10-15 minutes. The big thing that's helped me is not to move on to the next exercise until I can play whatever exercise I'm working on three times in a row without a significant mistake - to a metronome. It really nails it down.

2) Having a logical progression of exercises. So, a technique book, or a series of related exercises from a magazine.

3) Not overdoing technique. Too much technique (relative to actual music) can sap your motivation.

Hope that helps!
yeh i alwayus do scales and stuff.

just practising lots, playing new songs all the time, makes you better and better
It is also a pretty good to play some chromatic excercises (1234,1234...). Its very important that you use a metronome and start slow. Then you can slowly build up your speed until you are able do play really fast (and tight).
SO the best way to work on speed is just playing it over and over and increasing your speed?

I'll have to start doing some of this technique work. Any good online examples of like scales to work through? Like from tab sites?
Yes, when I was starting out I found this website:

and I still use a lot of the training excercises. That website is actually a really great all-around learning... uh... thing.

Also, a metronome is your best friend Smile They're pretty inexpensive if you don't have one, and there is a free online one somewhere too (just google 'free online metronome').
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