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Canadian Healthcare Costs Over $140 Billion

What do you think about this price we spend every year, and if your not from Canada what does your country offer for healtcare.

Canadians will spend an estimated $148 billion for health care by the end of 2006, new projections from the Canadian Institute for Health Information show — an increase of $8 billion over last year.

But while health-care spending continues to grow in Canada, the pace of that growth appears to be slowing, according to CIHI's annual report on health care spending trends released Tuesday.

The increase this year over 2005 is about 5.8 per cent. Spending grew about 6.4 per cent from 2004 to 2005, and averaged a 7.8 per cent yearly increase from 2000 to 2004.

"For the 10th consecutive year, health care spending continues to outpace inflation and population growth," said Graham Scott, CIHI chairman, in a release.
Your figures seam to indicate it's going down.
Is health care free to every one?
Will Howard
Yes, Canadian health care is completely free, though due to a lack of doctors, there can be HUGE waiting times. Whether or not Canada's health care should become privatized is currently a hot topic of debate.
Privatising is great

It's screwed many Australian institutions very well Razz

Canada is leading the way for the world here. Healthcare should be free. Well technically its not free but covered by taxes and since i pay them i would much rather it be spent on healthcare than a bomb to kill an innocent child!!
I also agree health care should be free, but wait times at some hospitals are too long. This problem of waiting to long must be tackled....Even though I pay for my health care through taxes I feel that is better than visiting a hospital and paying so much for each individual instance.
Healthcare should be free for anyone who needs it, as long as it can sustain itself alive with just the government's money.

Privatizing (did I spell that right?) has led most of south america's services (not just health, but energy, telephone, gas) to the crappiest and most perverse possible situation.
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