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Do you value marriage?

Do you value marriage? To me, it seems like the same thing as dating except that your commited. Do you value it? I personally would rather just date someone until I get sick of them and then move onto the next person. What are your views on it?
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
Do you value marriage? To me, it seems like the same thing as dating except that your commited. Do you value it? I personally would rather just date someone until I get sick of them and then move onto the next person. What are your views on it?

I think by the time you most towards marriage, you better think differently than you do now or else it's just putting a title on a date... for you.

I believe a marriage is a union of two people (three, four, five, etc.. etc.. for polygamist like Mormons) who deeply loves each other. They must know how to deal with each other and be responsible for their own feelings and actions. They must be inter-dependent, but not dependent. They need to cherish the time they have with each other instead of having to simply spend time with them. Yeah... something like that.

Dating doesn't have all that. Dating is meeting people, getting to know them, and every once in awhile sex. Simply dating won't lead to as many problems, and simply dating will end up with you continuing your routine until all those you've dated have disappeared from your radar until one day... you find more girls to date. I guess it really ends when you get old, smelly, and ooze gross things from your body.
I agree with the end part. A marriage is a lifetime commitment. It means something more than moving on once you are bored or another girl comes along in a shorter skirt. It means sticking together through think and thin.

Or course even marriage is getting corrupted by shit like Prenuptial agreements these days.
Marriage is much, much more difficult than just dating. You have to stick to people and tihngs when they get rough and when you're frustrated. It's a stronger test of character because you can't just dump someone after you're "tired of them", but you face your responsibilities and stay with them out of love. Because that's what marriage really is, loving someone so much that you would never want to let them go, no matter how frustrating things may get.
I don't know. Im young to say. But i think mariage should be respected and divorce alowed...
S3nd K3ys
In my world, marriage is not even close to dating. Not even a little. Marriage is forever, especially if you have kids.

I knew my wife for about 10 years before we married. We became best friends a few years before we married. We were married for 7 years before we had our first son who will be 4 this weekend and broke a pencil eraser off in his nose last night! DEEP in his nose!

I don't think it's fair to say marriage is dating except committed.

I do think society's gotten to a point where marriage is sometimes treated as such, "here, let's get hitched, but wait, I don't like you anymore, so let's get divorced". Not a lot of respect for the word these days.

Still, that doesn't mean that is what marriage is. Like people have said, to me, marriage is a huge committment. More than just saying, yes, I like you here and now. It's more like saying, yes, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, through the good times, *and* the bad.

Divorce rates are high because people don't truly think before they get married.
I really do value marriage so much. A healthy, peaceful and harmonious nation can be attain if family or the gift of Marriage is well handled.
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
Do you value marriage? To me, it seems like the same thing as dating except that your commited. Do you value it? I personally would rather just date someone until I get sick of them and then move onto the next person. What are your views on it?

I think, for you marriage is sleeping with your parter is the only meaning.

Marriage is not that. Marriage is the good thing this human society invented. Its that you create your own generation. Its the meaning of life. This is how you live after you die.

Dating is just matter of 2 people getting together if their wavelength is matching.

If you think only about your partner and sex marriage will look just same as dating.

Think beyond your partner.
Think about your son.
Think about living with a society.
I been married a long time and although got bored often have always managed to restimulate the thing. I started taking this women to work and she was drop dead gorgeous. My family gave me warnings if I start anything with her. I said to them after you beat me up I beat myself up. Interesting women back on scene and definitely attracted to me. 99.9% of time I am able to resist temptation. It's giving me a rush every time she comes by. However I keep thinking about that film where the wealthy husband who has loving wife and family has a fling. I don't want to come home and find the rabbit being boiled on the stove. Cool
i do value marriage -- I'm Catholic, so I see it more as a social institution, it's a sacrament and definitely God-centered than most people would care to admit. Very Happy however, society has capitalized on it. it functions now more as a comfort zone, a "norm" people must do in order to be accepted, or a bourgeois invention, as if women were possessions and men were their lords (that's a feminist reading of early forms of convenient marriages for monetary gain, probably having arranged marriages for property in mind). as i do not endorse this theory, i do think marriage today is overrated -- because everyone seems to want to get married at some point in their lives, thinking it's the right thing to do, to settle down, failing to realize that marriage is not for everyone. i think people who get married in a hurry and who do not really know what they're getting into are the worst casualties of this popular but faulty belief.

Marriage needs God to work. If people start realizing that, maybe divorce and annulment rates would decrease.

oh, and i know that michael douglas - glenn close movie you were talking about, chasbeen, though the title escapes me at the moment. Very Happy that was pretty freaky. congrats on resisting temptation. i admire that a lot in married couples.
I think that mariage is very different from dating (in fact it shares very little) but you can also experience the same thing without the official "title" mariage.

Mariage is a longterm commitment with somebody to share all aspects of your life and to build a family (I prefer to say longterm than lifetime because even if you think it's lifetime when you get married the experience proves every day that this is far from reality for many couples)

But in my opinion you can exactly have the same feelings and commitment even if you don't have a paper showing that you are married. That's why I would say that the value is not in the mariage itself but on the relationship that you establish
marriage is a huge commitement with a partner that you have strong feelings for.

If children were involved then I personally would want to marry in order to allow my children to have bother parents bringing them up. Also it has been proven, forgotten where, but if your child comes from a single parent family then it is likely to not do so well.

I do believe in marriage, but not now as I am young, having fun and do not need a partner like that.

This is my opinion however.
Marriage is actually a pretty cultural institution. In most places there is a religious or cultural significance to the idea of marriage.

In Christianity, marriage is a bond between man, woman, and God in which each pledges their love and support to the other for the rest of their lives. It represents the epitome of love and intimacy between two people and their selection of each other for lifelong partnership.

This view of marriage is echoed by many but certainly not all other religions and cultures.

Marriage outside of religion and culture is often a pair of people who are emulating a cultural or religious practice. Hopefully they will have the same ideas about what they think marriage means!

But most simply, I think it is to say, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
I want to say that this is not my favorite institution. I have two ironic thougts about the marrige and I want to share it with you.

1. The marrige is so important for me and I may delay it in my whole life.
2. When you marry someone you give him the legal right to mess up your life completly. Laughing
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
Do you value marriage? To me, it seems like the same thing as dating except that your commited. Do you value it? I personally would rather just date someone until I get sick of them and then move onto the next person. What are your views on it?

Most of the posters have already stated the good values of marriage. I am impressed with the way most of them have gone into the same conclusion … marriage is a lifetime commitment – non-transferable and non-expiring.

If you will ‘just date until you get sick’ then you don’t need any marriage, just go on with your dating spree… but until when?

Don’t you like to have a family of your own? A happy family you can be proud to make your inspiration day and night? Don’t you like to have a permanent partner and children who will always be with you to carry your dreams and aspirations in life?

Don’t you wish to contribute to the society and community by providing your own generation? Marriage is the thing that will make you worthy to your children and family. Children will always be proud to have responsible parents for their guardians, and marriage is just the beginning of that process.

If you are worried that once you got married it will stop your dating spree, then I would say that, dating your lifetime partner is the most satisfying experience in a date. Why? Because while dating your partner, you have with you your angels kissing you with their lil lips and hugging you with their lil embrace. The smiles you see in their faces are your smiles, and that is joy and happiness beyond compare. Smile
when I was 16 years old I got pregnant...

the first ting my father asked me was....if I was gonna get married to my bf?
I said no....

because marriage is not sumtin you go into cause you're pregnant....or cause your partner is good in bed....

it's beyond that....

its....can I see myself waking up next to their wrinkled face in 50 years?

would I still wanna be with them if I knew they looked at other people?

am I a responsible person?

marriage is not for the irresponsible....

if you love with your all....then marriage is inevitable....its your way of declaring this love you have for this person....

to the world.

marriage is to be thought about before you enter it.

a once married friend of mine told me....

had he thought about it before...

he'd never hav gotten married.... gotta flow with the compatible and be able and "WILLING" to work together...

my advice is simply this...

If you're thinking about getting exactly that....think it thru...

Don't get married cause someone is pressuring you.

Don't get married cause you got pregnant.

Don't get married for anyone one other than yourself.

If you have any doubt....wait.
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