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Ronaldinho again

Today Barcelona beat Weder Bremen 2:0 with first goal ronaldinho scored beautifully from free kick. Second goal ronaldinho assisted.

Have you ever seen Ronaldinho fly kick goal (Pele kick) 1 week ago? One of the most beautiful goals I have ever seen.
Patriot Players
I saw the game, the first half (in which Barca scored twice) Bremen played like absolute rubbish. It was terrible to see their defensive errors, the most blatant of which was the wall error during ronaldinho's free kick today.

The second half was worth watching. Bremen came so close to scoring in so many instances. I think that Bremen made a mistake not bringing on more strikers sooner though, they just didn't have the offensive power to bring down barca, and they didn't look their most dangerous until the end.

Result: Barca go through second, with Chelsea first in the group. Bremen go home.
Well, as for the free kick, Ronaldinho didn't play fairly, he was diving.... Mad

At least Bremen have the UEFA Cup..... Sad
Ronaldinho is a great player. Great individual skills and team play. Great vision. But that does not mean he does magic with every touch on the ball.

That over head kick was unexpected, but it was nothing out worldly. Lot of others have done overhead kicks too. Just cos it is Ronaldinho does not mean it goes down in history as the greatest of all time.

I don't know how he got that free kick last night. I did not see the match. But I can imagine his wide smile after slotting the ball under the "walls'' feet. He really enjoys the game.
as a Bremen fan, it really hurts...cant say they really played bad football, that was by no means the case...they were just outclassed by barca...

and they do have themselves to blame coz if they hadnt let barca score in the second last minute (when they played in bremen), barca would have been long gone...

oh well, atleast bremen has the bundesliga to win, and i hope next year, they get into a mildly easier group...barca AND chelsea...i mean....CMON!!!
Ronaldinho Is One Of The best Players and Plays cleaverly.....Three cheers for him;)

And As for game against Bremen ...... I was dumbstruck to see such a freekick from ronaldinho Smile

P.s. -> Bremen Has Worldcup's Goldenboot Winner...... But All Of No Use When A Midfielder/Striker/Playmaker/GreatPlayer Like Ronaldinho is on field Smile
Well, a lot of people Said that after the World cup, He no more longer the best footballer today.

Now, after he shines again, All think that he is again a great player, untill the next drop.

So, for me, he is still the best footballer.
woah.. tt kick was fascinating man.. breathtaking....

superb back flip kick man..
best footballer at the moment for let's say, another few years.. he will be a legend one day..
molif wrote:
woah.. tt kick was fascinating man.. breathtaking....

superb back flip kick man..
best footballer at the moment for let's say, another few years.. he will be a legend one day..

You talkin about Ronaldinho? He's already a legend....
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