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Home Brewing

Anybody else (of legal drinking age) brew beer and mead at home?

I'm just about to keg up ten gallons of what I would call a hoppy amber. It's an experiment where I fermented five gallons with Nottingham yeast and used US56 on the other half. The wife loves both and I'll enjoy them too. Both were dry-hopped with a half ounce of Cascade in the secondary and fermented to about 4.8% ABV.

Next is an Imperial India Pale Ale.
Captain Fertile
This is something I have always wanted to try but never got around to. Always seemed to have something else to do with my time or my money.

I dare say I will try this some day. I would probably like to try making beers or wines from kits. Plus, if the cost of drinking goes up much more I am sure more and more people will turn their hands to this hobby.

My brother used to brew his own years ago but not any more – it used to taste rank. In fact I have yet to taste a decent home made alcoholic beverage but I have only tried a few and usually from friends who have just started and then given up.

I remember one night drinking six bottles of home made strawberry wine with my friend who had made it, or should I say I DON’T remember. Tasted pretty foul but I was young and it was free.
I wish I brewed beer! I don't have the time to give it a try now, but I think it's in my future. I had some home made wine over Christmas and I actually really enjoyed it. I tried three kinds: one made with strawberries, one made with grapes, and one made by rubharb. They all had different flavors and were very satisfying.
Here's Open-Source beer:

and here you can find the recipe:
I have one of those plastic can kits they sell. It's actually my dad's, but I'm the one who uses it. But, haven't made any in over a year. I usually won't bottle, just because I don't have a safe place to store them with the kids, I just use the can kinda like a keg.

My first batch was the best, just a simple lager from a canned kit. I'd like to make a darker ale kit, any suggestions? We have a place here, High Gravity, that can probably order any suggested kits.

Last time I bottled, over half blew up, and it tasted my like champagne than beer. Don't know what I did Smile

Talk to ya later.

I like the sound of that a lot – make beer in the comfort of your own home – yes I also have had that idea for some time, I think the big problem with me is I’m not that big on beer (but even after saying that, the idea still sounds pretty good). I knew a guy that brewed his own Witblits, (witblits is the South African version of moonshine and usually comes at about 80% proof ). This guy’s witblits was positively toxic, and it tasted like what I imagine paint thinner tastes like. Pteew!
I always wanted to brew up some mead. Seems like one of the cooler things one could do with their days. Plus, honey is delicious, so honey with alcohol should be even better, right?
I've often wanted to try brewing, but the recipies I've found don't seem to match up to the "getting started" articles I've read, or for that matter, the size s of the equipment I've found for sale.
When I was in college I bought a Mr. Beer kit, and made a batch in my closet. I tried to make it more alcoholic than it was supposed to be by adding too much sugar, but it ended up tasting funny and made my tounge tingle.

The Mr. Beer kit only made about 20 soda bottles worth, and hardly anyone would drink it because of the layer of dead yeast on the bottom (expect for one guy who was always looking for free beer.)

I would definatly make another batch someday, it was a lot of fun, but the hardest part was waiting a month for it to ferment. lol.
Captain Fertile
I have tried one of those kits you buy in a bag and you make the beer in the bag.

Great idea - awful beer.

I really would not suggest anyone get one of those. I think home made beer sounds like a good thing but its best left to breweries from what I can tell but I am keen to sample anyone's hanywork who would like to prove me wrong. Smile
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