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Shounen Jump Magazine announces the end of Naruto fillers!

Hello people!
I readed that "No more posts about Naruto" thing, but it's important xD

With pleasure that i came to say that the Shonen Jump magazine announces the end of Naruto fillers.
Relax, the notice is better than you imagine Very Happy

It's confirmed that Naruto will back to the original history (manga) at 20 of March of 2007. With this new story, the series get a additional in it's name: Naruto Shippu-den (we can translate it like Windy Chronicles or Wind Legends). Probably it's related on the fact of Naruto be a user of wind element! That name is the name of the forty movie too that will be released on next summer. It will be a film with Naruto growed up, 3 years after his trainment with Jiraiya!

Official website:

heh, that's awesome!
Finally the end of fillers!
Old news... What we're wondering now is if the Kakashi Gaiden will start the Hurricane Chronicles or if it will release it as a special or OVA.
Hmm, I wonder how long they can go before they start showing fillers again. In my opinion they manga hasn't progressed very much. I guess they can stretch it and make it like DBZ where nothing really happens in an episode. Crying or Very sad
Wow, thank you. I've been wondering for a while. During November, I heard it was going to end on January. Then when it was December, I was told that the fillers would end on February. But I guess this is more solid evidence. So yay!
Hi there,

After not watching so much filler i really lost what had stuck me to this serie. I really enjoy how the chars history and all the plot develop but as soon as the fillers began i soon stoped watching because the episode were really boring.

Since I love animes where some years pass and the charactr grow up...maybe it has what it take to make me watch naruto again.

I believe the first episode will be about the stor of kakashi or is that before the 20th of March?

Stay cool.
The only thing I've heard recently is that the Hurricane Chronicles should be starting sometime in spring? Does anyone have any better information? (Gaah, the suspense! Stop it with the teasers, Pierro :-& !)
February 15th, Naruto Shippuuden begins broadcasting in Japan. Which means we might be seeing subbed episodes on the internet on 16th or 17th, in case one of the fast-subbers (read "Dattebayo") decides to pick it up.

that's good but... after watching those fillers.. Enough ^^ I prefer the manga...
moreover sometimes watching the anime, can be a bit.. "funny" (how could I put it, there is some scene that can't be accepted in my mind)
Thanks for the info, CMA! That's sooner than I anticipated. Very Happy
Bleach also ended its fillers recently. I'm really excited about Naruto since the last 100 episodes was fillers.
I have to agree with you. There was much squee-ing when I saw Shinji on my dinky screen. As great as Bleach is, I really, really want to see how the Hurricane Chronicles translates to the uh, not-so-big screen in my case. *glued to edge of seat*
Hi there,

So the actual date is 15th February....gotta make a post-it or i'll forget for sure...

BTW, i've asked before but...when will the Kakashi Gaiden (i think it is called like this) will air, when the new season starts or before it starts ?

Stay cool everyone !!
I've heard that the Kakashi Gaiden will mark the end of filler, so I think that's what's going to air on Feb. 15. *squee!* Thanks for the date!
Would there happen to be a time jump happening in the new arc? I've been really looking foward to a time jump.
I used to watch Naruto but there is just too many episodes. I might start watching again since they are now growing up to be adults with the Shippunden saga.
The biggest problem with such a large universe is that trying to stay caught up is similar to trying to watch every episode of a Soap Opera - it's next to impossible to do it!
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