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Pure Tattoo

I wonder how long it stays like that, and when the healing process is over if you have a scar like that

(Warning: the pictures contain a certain level of gore)
I'm all for self-expression and originality, but this is ridiculous. First of all, from what I've seen, the scars aren't attractive when they heal; like most scars, they're very bumpy. For every one picture that I've seen of a halfway decent looking scarification, I've seen at least ten that look disgusting. Second, I doubt that the people doing this things have had any serious medical training, thus making this process a dangerous one. It seems like a good way to pass on diseases as well; the guy in the first picture is wearing gloves, but half of each arm is exposed to all that blood!

And since you're wondering about how they heal, I found some pictures showing healed scarifications:
That just looks painful. That's all I have to say. Why put yourself through all the pain. Self Expression Cool, Pain Not
ThornsOfSorrow wrote:
And since you're wondering about how they heal, I found some pictures showing healed scarifications:

If this forum had a barfing smiley face available

I'd be using it right about now.
Captain Fertile
GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!! I have tattoos myself but never seen anything like that.

At no point in the process do I find that idea attractive. I find tattoos can be attractive, sexy and tasteful but this is repulsive. But it takes all sorts and I am sure for everyone who finds it repulsive there will be someone who likes the idea, and if it aint harming anyone else fair play to them.

Also, due to the nature of scarring and the healing process surely there is never a way of guaranteeing that the finished article will look good.

The picture with the strips of skin was awful, so pleased I viewed that after my dinner.

The Captain
its that you dude....hows the pain..
what's the fuff!!!
I didnt get it the frist time round but frankly i m lost for words, she is mad or what?!
Thinking about it make my back shiver...
deStructuralized wrote:
If this forum had a barfing smiley face available

I'd be using it right about now.

Double ditto
Oh man! I just ate d'oh!

If you don't mind, I've edited your post a little bit, Hayvanadam.
I thought it was bad back in the early 90's when branding yourself was popular, but damn! This is a whole new level of skin mutilation. All I can say is OUCH! I realize that everyone has a tattoo and/or a pirceing now a days, but there has to be some other way of being/looking different without skinning yourself. I would think that just the possability of infection alone is enough to make you say; "mabye I should keep my skin where it is, protecting me form germs like it is supposed to".
Mabye I am just getting old , I think I am starting to sound alot like my parents when they tried to stop me from getting my first tat. I 'm sorry, I don't mean to judge, it just seems sooooo crazy to me.
I have 2 tatoos and i like it very much , in future i will make more, they make u be not like all people , and just personalised, but u musth thing alot what tatoo u will have all life on your skin, because later u can be just sorry for what u had make it, also u can take them out from skin , but after that is not so good, people can just see there was a tatoo,

Oh my god that is disgusting I can t believe what I just saw right there thay must be masochistic..
How did that person manage to hold on to her glass? If someone was scraping off my skin, I don't know how I would be able to stand still like that. Now, why do people do this? Is it for the shock value, do they enjoy the pain, or do they see some sort of artistic-naturalistic beauty in it?
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