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from my point of view...

Hi mates... I am a new forumer, please let me talk about my experience here...

I am 32 and have just got out of a 10yr lasting relationship.

It has been painful, really painful. Actually I knew something was going wrong with us, but let it go (this does not mean I did not tried to find out what was it, and fix it...) because the fear for the dreadful deep heart ache of breaking up.

But, there was a light pain, everyday I noticed that was not my place, and my girl...

It took many months away, working abroad, to let me become a friend of myself again... you know, there was like a breach between my heart and my mind, and this breach even demonstrate phisically in the form of some aches on the back, head and chest... hey guys, this was really scary... but, in the end, I am deeply glad to have suffered like this, since I have discovered this not so comfortable way to experience things can be a light for your way and can be the gate to a new knowledge, really useful and valuable for your life.

Now I feel really great, even though some sad thoughts come from time to time... but these are just that... sad thoughts, and the deep feelings I get everyday are as pure and beautiful as I can make it be. I have learned many many things during this last year and a half, the most important are that all you need is love for yourself and all the others, relax and an inner work on the things you feel they need an improvement.

Thank you very much for reading this. C u soon.


Your TOTALLY right you cant try to keep things going though by just putting it off it just hurts you more in the end!

Some times you just have to let to find out whats right for you.

If the realationship is over dont try to force it to be alright, it just ends up all wrong and messed up for every one involved!!

There are times to try to save whats left and then in your case and in the cases of many other people its just better to call it off and call it quits!!
u don have to tell us that u r a new forumer.. nobody cares but we still read ur post anyway.. haha..
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