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Hosting account turn around time - Thanks

Captain Fertile
I just wanted to thank the staff at FriHost for setting up my hosting account so quickly.

I read somewhere else on the forum that people had been quite a while for hosting after applying so I was not holding my breath.

But after less than four days of joining, getting enough points and applying for a hosting account, it was set up and I was notified via Private Message and email.

While this may seem like a long time in today’s ‘instant’ society (especially with the companies I have used for paid web hosting) but I felt this was a great turnaround time for a free service with so many great features from such an obviously busy group of people with quite a few new members every day.

So thanks for doing that for me so quickly guys. Thanks for letting me know in such a timely fashion and I hope to be using your service and your wonderfully vibrant forum for quite a while.

I am delighted Very Happy

The Captain
Thanks for the compliments - we appreciate these. We usually get a load of topics saying "I've been waiting 3 hours... where's my account!?!?"

We hope that you enjoy your time with Frihost and we wish you well with your website. In the future, if you think we're fantastic, we have an official thread for all your praise - us mods like to read this when we're feeling down Wink

For others reading this topic, please remember this topic which gives you information on expected waiting times.

I'll -close- this to prevent some unnecessary replies from others, but thank you again for your comments Very Happy
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