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The ODI's so far.

1st one Rained out
2nd one SA win by 157 runs
3rd one SA win by 106 runs

Total ODIs (One day Internationals ) to be played - 5.

In the 3rd ODI "Dufus" Nel was supposed to play but got replaced by Hall. Hall and Kemp then went on to make a new world record 8th wicket stand.
yep saw the match...couldn't believe SA made 270+ after being 76/7 at one stage.

but I still think India will win atleast 1 match (hopelessy optimistic I suppose).
Dhoni played really well...smashed 4 huge sixes...I hope he carries the form to the next game.
Yup, I had my doubts if they (SA) will win as well when they were at 76/6.
Well tomorrow ( Wednesday the 29th) we will see what happens in the forth ODI at St Georges park. The pitch has tradionally taken spin and that should suit India.
India lost again Sad
Yes it seems like all the sub continent teams are proving piece of cake on the bouncy tracks of south africa and australia . It was what happened to pakistan in the icc champions trophy and india has been flattened out.
seeing indai's game these days it seems that that have forgotten how to play cricket.
they play worst than their local teams.

even if bangladesh plays with india now i am sure india will lose...

now it will be better if they stop playing cricket and start modeling. i guess they will earn more and will be mopre prestigious than losing eacn and every game thay paly that also in so shameful mannner.
The sorry state of cricket in India continues with more losses and only 3 wins in 17 games.

It's shameful to see the world cup runners plunging to sixth place, alongside some of the biggest names in the game.

Horrible performances, horrible playing, with the test series coming up, god only knows what's next....
even i am seriously troubled now about the future of the Indian Cricket ...they plays like the player of "Mohan Bugan" are asked to play Cricket

I think that Sourav"DADA" Ganguly should comaback and take the command the team coz. facts says that he is the most sucessful captain of indian cricket history Smile
Prepare sporting wickets, get a 10 year plan made up, get hit with some losses, but in the long run, be what the Australians are right now.
get some fast trax laid out in the matches, evn ranji tophy matches, chuck out th non-performing players... and minimize advertising contratcs for cricketrs
bouncy tracks, picthes, advertising contracts, etc are not a solution. It's just the fire in the ebelly that seems to be lacking. we are not talkin of a bunch of school kids here who need better tracks for preparation. these are men who have been playing the game for long and are exponents at playing on any surface.

I do support the view that fast picthes, ad better domestic preparation are necessary for the long run, but immediate solution is to indice that killer instinct that seems to lack due to complacency......
Well India's coach's answer seem to be a bowling machine in the nets. The thing about bowling machine is - they are predictable. So you pretty much know where the ball is going to land before it even gets delivered. Anyway, it seems the ESPN team captured some of the Indian teams practise sessions and now the South Africans are study-ing it. Smile
yes man we have watched the match... It is the most poor and disappointing performance by indians on the field... They lacked the form in batting.. They bowled well but batting was poor... India should have given chance to many others who r trying to come to team rather than stikcing with the old team...
Wethere Sourav Dada comes back or not, the poor run will continue. The problem is that Indian players are finding difficult to settle in South African pitches. Before they could settle down they are always frightened by the pace and bounce of the fast bowlers of South African Teams. So, it is one of the poorest tournament and overseas trip ever.
Well all I can say is " Great Bowling Sreesanth ! ". South Africa got bowled out for a disgusting 84 ! Sheesh, how many more times can Smith walk across his wicket and be trapped LBW ? And by the way - congrats Polly on your 400th test wicket amd you took a lovely catch.

I must say - on this pitch ( cracking up ) India is playing like a different team.
Man, Sreesanth has made a lot of us Malus proud.

Looks like the match is going to be tight, depends on how well we bat in our second innings and how quickly we can get South Africa on the mat during their second innings.
Yes atlast The indians have got some chance to beat the south africans but its yet to be seen. and its really important for india to perform well in the remaining series. Other wise World cup is at hands and with such moral its would be even harder to come back.
never expected a win from india that too in a test, against SA.

Shreesanth bowled brilliantly and kumble was great as always.

but we should also forget teh contribution of Laxman and Ganguly in the 2nd innings. Everyone who has been out of the squad is performing great...Ganguly, Laxman, Zaheer, Kumble.

I think time has come to for sehwag to sit out for a few games.

And I hope India carry this form throughout the series...but with 2 matches remaining...nething is possible...esp with India Laughing
Seems like the guys who took a rest are the ones performing. Maybe there is a case for the guys playing too much cricket and needing a break. You cant go on like that for too long without feeling the strain!
Team India is proving the long sayed word--OLD IS GOLD.

Dada and Laksman along with Srisanth did the magic and created history. We hope their form will continue for the rest of the matches.
If anyone wants to see the hightlights of these matches and more please PM me.
I will give you the link
Now the test is square with 1-1.
And the final day of the final test is equally poised.
From now on anything can happen. Either SA will win the match or India will win.
There is no chance of a draw.
SA with 8 wickets remaining need just about 150 runs to win.
And India need just 8 wickets more to win a game and crate a history in a day.

So this is real test for India,
if they lose from here then their future is .....
Well I am afraid for my Indian brothers on Frihost but I think the future of indian cricket is looking very very gloomy.
I dont see them coming out of this one in one piece
what is happening to this team. their performance is going down and down. they are becoming very bad in that game. i think the medias are making them more nervous and (lose confident)... they should improve or, they are going no where
I dont think you must say that India's performance is going down. If they were so bad then they would have never won a match. At the same time I must say congratulations to South Africa for winning at Newlands. There were some tense moments - especially when it started to rain. Sending Pollock in early was a bold move and I think it paid dividents.

Well done also to Graham Smith. I think he is back on track again as far as his batting goes.
well this topic started with ODI's and now test series have ended

India did it again in TEST SERIES..... well being an indian, these days are really uncomfortable... i mean pathetic...

i know i cant go out there and play like them bvut at least something is wrong and fishy..

i hope somehting better comes out

OTHERWISE Saurav's comeback has been a HIT.
well this topic started with ODI's and now test series have ended

India did it again in TEST SERIES..... well being an indian, these days are really uncomfortable... i mean pathetic...

i know i cant go out there and play like them bvut at least something is wrong and fishy..

i hope somehting better comes out

OTHERWISE Saurav's comeback has been a HIT.
Saurav has come back for india which is good, but Shewag has been out of form. I really think he should change his batting methodology. Hitting the ball hard without much thought is useless. Gayle, similar to shewag is a powerful hitter but he always goes to score century if not then gets on to make big score.
But Shewag, i dont know why, shows a lot of immaturity in his bating. I think he should learn to be a bit mature and play sensibly.

What do you think????
Yes, I agree. He can be a bit wild.- But he can only improve.
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