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i recently got myself a 24" imac. i'm a fan of both PCs and MACs, i mean i've worked with both of them for a pretty long time, i jus never actually owned a MAC before.

anyways, my mac came with the oh-so-famous mighty mouse, i have one at work and it works fine, left, right, center, side clicks work perfectly fine. but the one that came with my imac the "squeeze click" is overly sesitive and the ryte click (secondary) no longer works. i've swpped the mouse out three times now and there is no difference.

is there something wrong with my OSX and its not reading it right? because what are the chances of gettina faulty mouse three times from three different apple® stores?

i have the mightymouse's squeeze buttons turned off but even when i'm not even touching the damn thing, i can hear the squeeze clicks go off, sometimes its like 15-20 clicks in rapid consistancy.

i dont understand, can anyone help me with the ryte click and the squeeze click?
quick question, is that a wire-less mighty mouse or a wired one? because if its wireless then it sounds like its not the mouse but the blue tooth.
its a wired mouse, i dont like the wireless just because of having to supply it with batteries.

i've also discovered that if i touch the metal base of my iMac (one hand on the mac's metal base and the other hand operating the mouse) it will let my wired mightymouse work flawlessly. odd huh? searcing in "apple discussions" i've found people with similar problems an i even started my own thread on it. unfortunately there has been no success in solving the problem.

the thread that i started is:

my user is PsycHotIc_PHI

and the thread that i found others who shared my problem is:

it took me almost two weeks to figure out that touching the iMac's base solved the problem, and i've taken every suggestion in the forums, nothing has solved the problem.

any ideas?
I don't have a Mighty Mouse. I have the Apple Mouse that doesn't have a name but it came with the Pro Keyboard.

Did it come with software or something that you could go into professories and edit the sensitivity. Many people have complained about the Mighty mouse and use older apple mice or just 3rd party ones.
i figured out that it is clearly not a hardware problem and its the static generated by wher the imac sits. if i touch the metal base of the imac, it fixes it completely and moving it accross the room (where there is no carpet) also fixes it, but it puts it in a weird place, i need it wher it is.

i am very fond of the mightymouse's functionalities and found it really useful at work (in design) and i want the same functionalities at home. i also have the mac hooked up to my tv, thats why it needs to stay where it is....

i also checked my outlets, and they're all properly grounded...

i've done everything i could think of.. any ideas anyone?
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