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Translation Software

this post may not fit here..
do you people know about some opensource translation software? is it available/exist? honestly i cant afford to pay for a translation software and also dont want to use any illegal software. so the only way i have is to look for open source. it will be very good if any of you know about such software... best if it had russian-english-spanish-german language capability. thanks for reading and your help.
I don't know any translation software but I recommend you to use the Google Translator. Its free and a lot of languages to choose from.[/url]
sponge wrote:
I don't know any translation software but I recommend you to use the Google Translator. Its free and a lot of languages to choose from.

instant help! Thanks man. i just didnt know about it. i hope this is better than wordlingo or babelfish (yuck) Cool although it doesnt support russian language
but still if you know about the opensource then let me know. thanks
i dont` t like this google really god but i actually need Slovene translator. Do anyone know another software?
Good translation software is difficult to write so unlikely to be found free. It's a lot easier just to translate one word at a time, but anybody can write that sort of software.
google translate is honestly the best in my personal opinion. But don't use it to write papers. I know people that fail because of it. Use it only for certain words theny you should be fine.
Yes, you should never rely on translators. They are only there to provide you with a rough estimate of the meaning. Or when it is translating from english --> another language, it is there to provide a sort of base for you, which you can build on.

Language is such a complicated thing, and the human mind is truly amazing to comprehend such a thing. The thing with translators is that they have no way of knowing what context a word is in, and thus the errors. Also, translators translate very very literally when in language, there are many expressions that aren't literal.
Being a student of French (and witnessing others trying to read the junk free online translators feed them) I would recommend not relying on any free translator to accurately translate anything longer than a pair of words. There are so many things that a free translator cannot pick up and will err on consistently. Grammar is a huge problem, since some languages reverse subject-predicate, some have implied subjects (or even predicates) and that's only dealing with the simple stuff. Gender, and tenses are also biggies, you may know that in French "house" is feminine, but the online translator may only know to place "la maison" where "house" stood, not modify the gender of all the verbs to match the subject...
Overall I've found that even if you have only a rudimentary understanding of the language, it's best to translate it yourself by using a Language-Language dictionary and picking out the words you know. Eventually you'll get better at it and laugh at those who rely on free online translators feeding them gibberish. Don't get me wrong, those online translators have their uses (mainly a quick lookup of a few words), but their highly unreliable when it comes to grammar.
I think the best translation software on the net ;
Davidgr1200 wrote:
Good translation software is difficult to write so unlikely to be found free...

Actually it's impossibe to write one since any spoken language not being algorithmycal. So any sentence (word?) needs the corresponding context to being interpreted in the correct way. And no software can do this.
You need to sit in the school bench, there's no escape!
I hate the Google Translate service Razz I think it is really bad. It never translates correctly what I want it to translate... Exclamation
Hayvanadam wrote:
I think the best translation software on the net ;

I often use it too.

I think there are no translation software that can correctly translating something. The easiest way is asking someone who can translating what we want.
Hayvanadam wrote:
I think the best translation software on the net ;

Thanks for the link Very Happy
Cool link but dont rely on it for long text...
I quickly translated a english phrase to french and, to me been french, the answer didnt really made any sens...
Google translator is good when you want to understand something but its not for translating articles or any serious work , you never can expect 100% result and never can get a perfect translation like from a human.
babelfish doesnt work all the time...
actually i wanted to browse some russian and german site which has answer to my questions... meanwhile i tried pragma and another famous machine translation software which gave me **it. so i decided not to look further... but stick with babel fish line by line. time consuming but giving me some result
besides bablefish, there is also word lingo:

these free online translators should be able to do the trick.
search on google.. there may be a lot of translators.. other than google translator
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