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Shares in my username.

I will be selling shares in my username. You can apply for my initial offer of 1000 shares @ 10 FRIH$ / share. I will be paying dividends every month on the FRIH$ that my username makes. I will also publish my financial statements in this thread. These statements will include amounts of dividends paid.

If you want to sell you shares to any other Frihoster you must post a post here to let me know to which Frihoster the dividends must be paid. You can negotiate a price to sell your shares to any other Frihoster.

If you think that it is a good investment donate the amount of FRIH$ for the amount of shares that you want to buy. I will then award you the shares or give your money back.

I reserve the right not to award any shares or to buy back any shares at the initial selling price.
And how exactly will your username be making money?
My username will be making money by way of the following:

Money from the posts I make to manage the shares and publish the financial statements. This amount of shares will require a lot of posts to be managed.

I will initiate business initiatives to make money. My first initiative is to rate photos that Frihosters posted. You will find this post in the Marketplace. Shareholders can also give initiatives that must be implemented.

With ordinary shares you have voting power. If there is a dispute you can always use your amount of shares to influence the other shareholders.

The biggest way you can make money out of the shares is to sell it to other Frihosters. When the demand grows the price will also grow and your wealth will increase.
Great idea! But I'm not
sure if Frihost may allow
this, as you are actually
selling nothing in physical.
And that's a huge risk for
us to take.
I like this mans way of thinking!

This is basically a stock market idea he is proposing. You buy stock in him, and he gives you a percentage of his FRIH$ as he earns them.

However, the part about

I reserve the right not to award any shares or to buy back any shares at the initial selling price.

you can apply for my initial offer of 1000 shares @ 10 FRIH$ / share.

Seem a little bit silly to me because why would I invest in something I am not guaranteed to be paid back for when I want to cash in and who honestly has 10000 spare FRIH$ laying around.
TheGeek wrote:
…why would I invest in something I am not guaranteed to be paid back for when I want to cash in...?

The stock market works as follows: Companies (The share issuer) are not allowed to buy back shares unless all the shareholders agree and the court grants permission. When you sell shares, you actually sell your shares to other shareholders and not back to the company.

Because my username is not a real company, I will make an exception. When you request, I will buy back your shares at the initial selling price of 10 FRIH$ per share. Therefore, you do not really have anything to lose.

TheGeek wrote:
…And who honestly has 10000 spare FRIH$ laying around…

When a company issues shares it does it in the following way:

1. It makes an initial offer. In my case I offered 1000 shares at 10 FRIH$ per share. A person that wants to buy shares does not have to buy all the shares, but can buy some of the shares that the company offered.

2. The share buyers then pay the company for shares that they want.

3. The company then awards the shares. The money is paid back for the shares that are not awarded.
Captain Fertile
This idea sounds VERY intersting.

Problem is, the number of points you have and the Frih$ you have don't prove much of a track record nor show much returns or dividends in the future.

Of course, as with all stocks - the bigger the risk the bigger the return.

Are you making any financial statement such as the number of posts you are planning per month (or better the nunber of Frih$ you will be earning per month through posts) and how would my dividend be affected if you, just for isntance, wanted to use some of your Frih$ for a personal purchase for yourfself in the marketplace?

And of course shareholders would have no rights should you leave FriHost and/or re-register under another ID.

Please don't take my post as deriding you or your idea. I am very interested but would like to know your views on my questions. After all you will have to get used to answering to the share-holders. Very Happy
Seems Quirky. I am very willing to invest, however whats the cap? 1000?
Hey surly the prospective share holders get to see a cash flow for-cast for the next 6 months at least not to mention a business plan Razz
capitalism rocks. I might consider doing it if there were some other incentives. Maybe others can sell shares of their usernames to encourage competition, but there wouldn't really be any entity to measure the overall market.
Mabye bondings can make/get a mod for the forum so we can have this. Good idea you got there.
Give me a (good) financial statement for the last month (November), and I'll buy 10 shares. (why not?)
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