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Bad, bad luck

Keeping jobs is a problem for me. My first job lasted 4 years, second three years, third 5 years...

but in the last four years I'm unable to hold a job, and none of it is my fault.

My last long term job was 5 years.. as an auto mechanic at a shop where I worked my butt off and pay was way less than standard... Boss was becoming. . . unmanagable.. so me and the other mechanic talked to the local mechanics union... came to work that next morning and both of us were fired. Union claimed nothing they could do.

After that, took a job running a small service station that was on its last legs.. hadn't made money the whole 3 years he had it and I went in dirt cheap to try to turn things around. I was there just over a year, and my last two months finally pulled profits! (First month $14 profit, second month $498 profit).. unfortunately at this time our lease was up with Sinclair and the owner didn't want to pay the franchise fee again to renew it. Building was falling apart and Sinclair didn't want to drop a dime into it. It was a mutual decision, and he kept paying my paycheck until I found a new job.

Next - Service Manager at a Firestone.. was getting tired of ripping off customers just to make a buck or two but still dealing with it as pay was good, but the 60-70hours a week was taking its toll, and after 8 months when they restructured their bonus program, it wasn't worth it being I had taken a 60% pay cut in the process.. I walked out of there.

Next... A local Ford dealership... back to wrenching on cars. It was a union job... and I voiced several opinions about the whole political nature of the business.. For example, my service advisor was a woman who knew NOTHING about cars. Her sales we mediocre at best, and I wanted her job. Because of that we didn't get along at all, and she handed me the "bottom of the bucket-type jobs" which I didn't mind as I was paid hourly anyway. I had several meetings with the Manager about it, and I came up with plans in which I could prove I would perform better and all that, trying to get out of working on cars again and making some serious money. My plan eventually backfired because later I found out her husband was the Service Manager at a different dealership, but owned by the same people... which is why she was doing what she was doing. When business got slow after gas prices jumped, I was the first one laid off.

Right After that got a job as a mechanic at another firestone. Decent pay, great hours.. right down the street from my home. Unfortunately boss was an... "egotistical A-hole" and we butted heads alot.. no matter how nice I was to him he'd always find some reason to pick on me. He would spend literally 45 minutes talking about how he didn't have a big head like most bosses! Anyways I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did there... 9 months. All I did was work hard and make him money.. guess that wasn't good enough.

After that I was unemployed for two months... we had a little money saved up at this point and I wanted to get out of that industry alltogether. I actually landed a job for Pitney Bowes... maintaining the network, printers, and hardware of two local IBM offices. Pay wasn't as much as I'd like but I saw it as a step in the right direction. They hired me after 4 phone interviews and 2 in person interviews.. then waited two weeks.. no calls.. no letters... left several messages... ended up giving up and I got lucky with a Service Advisor position at another dealership.

Two weeks into that job, they finally called me! And I had to decline... I was just making too much money and got along too well with everyone at my new job... all was great!.. Until last Monday. You see, where I was at used to be a Honda dealer, but they moved the Honda into a new building about 30 miles away, and changed the name there to the "Automotive Outlet", selling preowned vehicles, but still servicing. Unfortunately, most of our customers didn't like this idea as we couldn't do any warranty work anymore and they didn't appreciate having to drive 30 miles (or go somewhere else) for this... so there were many many complaints, 99% of which were beyond our control. Boss (new manager) decided to make me into his personal scapegoat, to save his job for a few more weeks and let me go...

So here I am .. unemployed... Christmas around the corner, and we don't even know how we're going to make rent this week. I had planned my next 3 paychecks were going to pay our rent, car payment, christmas shopping, and still have a few hundred saved up so we can finally start next month in the positive...

Good thing is I'll start getting unemployment next week, although it's less than 30% of what I was making... I'm going to sit on it a few months.. maybe find some jobs to do on the side for cash.. and let my income drop way down.. why?

So I can file freaking bankruptcy... Wife has way more debt than we can possibly pay off... mostly medical (and some where her ex-husband ran her credit cards way up and she didn't know about until collections started calling). As a result I quit paying off my debt years ago... Problem is we're too poor right now to file! Lawyers won't even touch it without at least $2500 to give them, but there's no other way around it.. creditors are just starting to sue me... but I just laugh anymore.. I have nothing they can get! Wost case is a 25% garnishment and bank account seizure... but I don't think they'll be able to do that once I get unemployment, as that's considered government assistance and they can't seize accounts with government assistance funds...

So.. I'm going to sit back.. collect unemployment.. do a little job searching.. try to save up and once my income is low enough to file.. I'm be all done with this and we can start fresh.

My point in this posting? Well none really.. I just needed to vent a little.. but if you're in a similar position, don't get all depressed over it (I was so upset I actually threw the cordless phone at my wife.. and I felt really really bad about it.. that's just not like me).. it's just not worth it. Try to keep a good attitude about life and remember.. it's only money. They can't put in you jail for it.. and things WILL eventually get better.

Thanks for listening!
S3nd K3ys
Find something you like, it will be much easier to keep.

And don't worry about changing jobs too much. I have changed jobs so many times I can barely remember them all. But every time I changed, it was to move up or learn a new aspect of my trade. (I'm a CNC Programmer/machinist)

AutoTechGuy wrote:

but if you're in a similar position, don't get all depressed over it ... it's just not worth it. Try to keep a good attitude about life and remember.. it's only money. They can't put in you jail for it.. and things WILL eventually get better.

I'm glad you can keep a good attitude. I don't think I'd be able to.

But you're completely right - it's not your fault. In each situation, there's no way you could have known how it would turn out. It took me a long time to figure this out. I always beat myself up by saying "I should have done such and such, then I wouldn't be in this position," but I always had done what I thought was best.

It sounds like you have a lot of useful skills and I'm sure you'll find something else. Good Luck.
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