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Man U doing well. six points clear at the top

Manchester united beat Middleborough and now they are 6 points clear at the top but Chelsea got a game in hand.

I think Man U might win premiership this year. What do you think?
I hope they maintain their form and not to waste so many chances.
Yes, there is 6 points, but don't forget that Chelsea has a 1 game less.

But, Man Utd playes good at the league, let's see if they will keep doing well at whole the season and will finally reach the title.
Well Man U and Chelsea now have played the same number of games and we're still six points ahead. It's good to be ahead for the FA Cup third round break, but I can't help but feel united are starting to waste chances. Too many draws recently. Same can be said for Chelsea of course, but we should be forging ahead on our own steam and not hoping for the opposition to also make a mistake.
I don't know what's going with Chelsea... very weird with their millions.
This year Man Utd didn't spend very much money on their transfers and surprisly in this year they are the most favorite to win the title.

It means that not only the money does the soccer.

I hope Man Utd will win the premierleague finally, they Deserves it, I think.
Yup, I think that it's sealed now: Manchester United are going to win the EPL.

They are in much better form than Chelsea.
With Cech and Terry returning shortly I think we will see a very different Chelsea, after January I am not expecting to see them concede anywhere near as much goals as they are at the moment. Which means that Utd have to increase their lead as much as possible this month.

Saha being out is a potential worrie for the next 2 weeks, but with Larsson coming to us on loan we should have a more than capable replacement.

This is the first week that the bookies have favoured Utd to take the title, will be interesting to see how long that stays like that.

The race is not over yet, it's just getting interesting Smile
I guess it's like they say; what goes up has to come down. EPL was dominated by Man U and Arsenal before Chelsea came and beat everyone. Not it's time for them to go down and Man U to come up again.
Probably the main concern is keeping at least a 4 point gap between UTD and Chelsea before we meet them in April... if we can do that we *will* win the EPL. If we can't - then it's up in the air.
In three months may things could change upside down again. However, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal will continue to fight for the top spots.

Manchester United have found their form back after a long time. They are rocking at the moment but its just a matter of time before Arsenal and Chelsea too back on top..
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