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One nostril?

Is it just me, or do any of you have this peculiar problem. One of my nostrils always seems to be less 'breathable' than the other, and this will switch from nostril to nostril over the course of the day. It's not really noticeable, but it's there nonetheless. When I run, or do any sort of vigorous activity, it goes away, but it eventually comes back.

Now, I looked this up, and I found that it's supposedly normal. And no, I don't have a deviated septum. The only discrepancy I've found is that this happened to my dad when he was younger, and disappeared around 20 or so. Does that happen?
Could be allergies... before you discredit Smile, allergies can manifest in a variety of ways according to the severity of the allergy and the symptoms in the individual; in your case swollen nostril membranes. I do have a deviated septum as well as severe seasonal and environmental allergies and so obviously have one nostril that is always impaired but with that said when my allergies are flared up the effected nostril can close more than typical or remain open (as it can being deviated) and the other will close - all without the accompaniment of mucus or other 'cold'/'allergy' symptoms. Just a thought.
No. It's nothing wrong with you. It's just how we are. The nostril closes up with mucus and snot and whatever else because you're body needs to get rid of those dead white blood cells that died fighting the good fight and your body knows that one nostril is enough. So, it claims the other nostril as a storage dump until it's needed.
Captain Fertile
I too suffered this in my youth and it seems to have rectified itself at one point I even went to the doctor because I was convinced that I had something jammed up there.

He found nothing this happened when I was about 9 or 10 years old and I just checked after reading your post (oh come on I bet everyone tried) and both nostrils seem to be clear.

My word, what strange topics we have to comment on here.

The Captain
I have the same problem too, I am older than 20 years and still happens to me, as a matter of fact I am suffuering it right now, lol. It is nothing important, I have noticed than is happens more often in winter and autum than in hotter days.
i think i have some breathing problems too. Just do what i do and breathe from your mouth.
I think people have this as more of a problem while they are sleeping than awake. My husband has a lot of breathing problems while he's sleeping
i asked this same question on yahoo answers when i first joined it. and now that i've first joined frihost, i come across this question. weird.;_ylt=AlUz24WpfS37fIKNngqAEqwjzKIX?qid=20061018183904AAaRByW
This is something that I, too, have noticed over the past several years. I'm 24 now, if that means anything. It would be nice if it went away, I suppose. I've always been something of a mouth breather...

Anyway, I don't think there's anything terribly abnormal about it.
Just be glad you have multiple ways of getting your oxygen. Smile I think it's very common that one side will be less developed or developed differently than the other. This goes for all of your body parts. My left foot is half a shoe size bigger than my right. My wife can't breathe through one of her nostrils either and hasn't been able to since birth.
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