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Which soccer league do you prefer?

I like both Spanish League and Premiership football. I prefer Spanish League if Barcelona or Real madrid are playing otherwise I will watch Premiership.

But if you have to watch only one match and two football matches are at the same time on TV. Which league football (either Spanish or English Premier football match) will you watch?
Spanish League ... they have good games and of course, good teams Smile
If you are looking for fast paced games with clinical passing it is Premiership.

But if the question is about individual skills and style of play it is definitely the La Liga. Cool
Well, there are some leagues which I love to see and look after them.

The Premier league - There are goos teams there...
Spanish league - Barca and Real... has good players.. so I like to see them play
Italien league - This year, it's not fair Because we don't have Juve there.. but next season it will be again the best league after they will come up to the Seria A.
Italian Serie A!

Italy has the best soccer , and the best players in the world Smile
Obviously, the EPL.....
They don't pass in EPL man, What do you mean clinical passing? They just kick the ball over head and hope that it lands somewhere near a team mate. That's why that league is so down in Europe. Chelsea plays different cos of their coach and that is why they are the super power of Europe now.

They are the only team that can match Barca.

The Italian League is all broken down due to their corruption. Juventus is in the B league. What a loss and shame.
I prefer the italian Seria A.. Teams are really good in this league...
English Premiership......Its Best..Especially: ManU,Chelsea,LivPool,Arsenal:)
well, i prefer premiership coz its more entertaining.. plus, more coverage and more hype and news buzzing around, making far less boring..
turkish leauge.

because i know the players.

Can't watch La Liga.
Serie A is too boring.
Definitely English Premiership League.

More exciting Smile
EPL for me as well.
I usually watch the Premiership. It might have to do with the fact that I was born in Hong Kong and it was a British colony. Everyone watches the Premiership here. My next favorite is the Spanish league because they have many skilled players. They have Ronaldo, Ronaldiho, Beckham, and of course Zidane and Figo a couple of years ago. So these two are my favorite leagues.
my favorite league is champions league of course Wink

after that strongest and nicest league is spanish liga I think

and I follow french D1/L1 too cos I'm for Marseille
I watch La Liga and Premiership, but if there is both match at same time, I will prefer Premiership of course.. Very Happy
I prefer to watch the Spanish league. I watch it because it has Barcelona and Real Madrid. They are my two favorite teams in the whole world. They have some of the best players and it is fun to watch them play. So I have to say the Spanish League for my preference.
english premier and spanish

both are awesome. i only watch high ranked matches though. no time
i like the Premiership but lately i've taken an interest in the english championship
I prefer to watch La Liga, Premiership and Turkish league. Barcelona, Chelsea and Galatasaray my favorite teams in the world.
I haven't watched a lot of Premier's matches, but I have really liked what I've seen. It's a much tougher gameplay than ours in La Liga, they never throw themselves "to the swimming pool" (pretend they've recieved a foul). But I still prefer the Liga.

The one I dont like at all is the serie A, their soccer is effective but poor. One day they'll end up using a 9-1-0 tactic...
Premiership football.

I should say first of all the players are good and the stadium is good.

However, since I'm not in England, so the broadcast is also very good.
I prefer the English Premier League because. It's obvious that this competition is the strongest in the world at this point. The games are dynamic, with a lot of energy and baeutiful goals. With the great inflow of foreign capital in the competition it's sure that the Premier League will keep the status of the best league in the following years.
I prefer English premiership league. because i have my favorite team in it. Manchester united. i somehow don't prefer champions league
For me its the English Premier League. Most probably because its always on the tv and all over the newspapers and everything. Not alot said about the other leagues; but i do love to watch UEFA Champions League. I support Arsenal and last season it was most enjoyable for me to watfch all their matches up until the final. Shame they lost though, it was a close match. Always this season though!!!!!!!!! Very Happy
Hoogeveense RAT
Off course I like the Dutch Eredivisie, because my knowledge of this league is the best of all soccer leagues. But in the Italian Serie A they play the style I like. So I can't choose between the Eredivisie and Serie A.
jipmerite wrote:
They don't pass in EPL man, What do you mean clinical passing? They just kick the ball over head and hope that it lands somewhere near a team mate. That's why that league is so down in Europe. Chelsea plays different cos of their coach and that is why they are the super power of Europe now.

They are the only team that can match Barca.

The Italian League is all broken down due to their corruption. Juventus is in the B league. What a loss and shame.

Excuse me but isn't Chelsea runner up right now??

Then something else, the question is what league you prefer. Why is everybody coming with anwsers like "I like the Primera Division because Barcelona and Real Madrid..."? Then you just like the teams not the league. Every league plays his own kind of football...

If you look at the English football it's very focused on power and speed. The more techniqued (?) football you find in the Primera Division, the worst football in my opinion is played in the Italian League, where they only counter and play on their defence, although I must say there very good at it and it's also a quality.
of course the most enjoying leagues are premier ligue budensliga and spanish league.but if u ask ask which one do u prefer of course it is premier legue.they are so fast Smile
The most exciting league to watch is by far the English Premiership. I will watch the Spanish games if Barca or Real are playing but that's about it!
The reason so many people like EPL is cos ESPN has a bias towards EPL. If more people saw more matches of La Liga or even Serie A, they would never bring EPL over these two.

Of course the grandest football stage is Champions League.
jipmerite wrote:
The reason so many people like EPL is cos ESPN has a bias towards EPL. If more people saw more matches of La Liga or even Serie A, they would never bring EPL over these two.

But since you have seen all of these why do you think EPL is better than the other two?
The french football league kicks ass, very exciting, fast, attacking, football. But hey, I support Olympique Lyonnais! So that could partly be the reason for my love of the French Ligue 1
Premiership all the way... i love watching ManUTD and Tottenham, but Arsenal is where it's at... Thierry Henry is a football genius ( although i don't like his arrogance )
the spanish league is the #1 for me Very Happy
I have always enjoyed the English Premiership. In the olden days of Manchester United's Dream team with Beck's and the Neville brothers, Giggs, Cantona, Scmeichel, it was great to watch. I loved seeing them winning the triple.
There used to be a lot of controversy and for some time the premiership excitement for me seemed to fade because of strict rules regarding players celebrating goals and hooligans.

These days it's great to see Arsene Wenger and Mourinho's antics. There is so much action between the coaches.
I prefer EPL to other leages. WE have man.utd , CHelsea, Arsenel ,LIverpool in EPL and clashes among this teams is worth watching.
I'd say the English Premiership because it seems more even than the other leagues. The remark(s) about English clubs doing poorly in europe is a joke, arsenal came about as close to winning the CL last year as was possible. Chelsea are in trouble now because of the turbulence with Terry injured but once he's back they'll be back as well. And Liverpool just can't be forgotten it seems, even though I'm a toffee fan myself Wink

La Liga is a close second, mostly for Barcelona and the obvious high level of individual skill which is apparent.

The tempo of Serie A is to low, I stopped following it about two years back and I think it's only gotten worse since. The league is run by racist supporters and rigged referees and games, and I'm pretty fed up with the whole thing. I'll still watch the occassional game though..
hmmm, i prefer usually the spanish league, but Real Madrid or Barcelona are dissapointing me, so i have a look on the Premiership.

I heard about a possibility to watch football live about the internet. How it function?
I don't know of any specific sites or so but try getting on some of the team's discussion boards or forums, links get posted there at times. had a link some time back in their forum but I don't know if it's still around..
the most impressive is the serie A ,but i look only tho the Jupiler league (cause i'm from belgium Razz )
From England, so obviously the premiership, and watching the likes of Ronaldo at Man Utd, espcially this season, nobody can not say it is exciting, also as for skill and performance etc, two different english teams in the champs league final for the last two years on the trot - surely shows the all round class of the top 4 teams in the premiership?
I also think that Spanish and english premier league are the best leagues but you musent forget brasil and argentinian league but still i think spanish league is the best because game is nicest to look and very attractive and you can see the big difference between english and spanish league.... and you have Barcelona in spanish league:)
Hoogeveense RAT
The competition in Italy is also one of the best in the world, probably the best if you ask me. It's a shame that Juventus plays Serie B, that makes the competition less better than it is now. Also Spain and england have grea competition, but I prefer the Dutch.
Brazilian Soccer League!

EPL. Most games are fricken close. The play is alot harder. There is less simulation. There are less queer italians and spaniards.
English premiership is the best for me...the level is so low in France, I hope it's going to change with Lyon...
I like Premiership football.
Used to love the italian. But that league has been crap for about 5 years. Since Lazio started having financial troubles.

The premiership is the best league out there at the moment. Slightly edging the spanish
Italian League. More competitive
For me, it has to be The Championship (i.e. English second division). It's so much more competitive than most leagues in Europe, especially the Premiership.

There are currently 8 teams that are still in with a realistic chance of getting promotion to the Premiership automatically, with the top 10 in with a shout of the play-offs.

It's so unpredictable, and anyone can beat anyone else. Look at Hull City (coincidentally that's my team :p), we're 3rd from bottom but beat Birmingham (currently top) 2-0. Barnsley, just above us in the table, then beat us 3-0.

If you look at attendances, it is one of the highest attended leagues in Europe (even ahead of Serie A) and the quality of football is often comparable with that of a Premiership match. Okay, you don't get all the top stars, but there's a good mix of young, up-coming talent and established professionals.

So my two cents worth is that The Championship is a lot better value for money and much more exciting than Europe's top leagues.
Premiership is easily the best in the world Laughing Man Utd Vs Middlesborough in th FA cup today Laughing
The most exciting soccer league is the "Seria A", the Italian premier league. I still think it is the best although they had all those scandals last year. However, the champions League is even better because it combines the best team from every single European league.
The Premiership has teams like MU, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. They are ruling right now at the european football.
Players like Ronaldo, Drogba, Henry or Gerard are just brilliant enough to watch their games. And the defenses are better than in the old days.
The spanish league comes in 2nd place. The match between Real Madrid and Barcelona this weekend went tied 3-3. Fantastic match.
Portuguese football is only fantastic when watching some Porto games, where Quaresma and Lucio Gonzalez make the difference (they were brilliant in the first goal against Chelsea).
I think the best league is "Liga Espanola" in the world. Almost all the player in the world dream play there because there are the best soccer players in the world like Ronaldino, Samuel Eto, David Beckham, Saviola,... the "Liga Espanola" is the best then the Premier League second they are the best in the world. Surprised Very Happy
All leagues have their good and bad points... Personally I find the English premier league more exciting than other leagues. I find that Italian and spanish leagues can be rather boring some games with too much emphasis on denfense.. This season the premier league has been reall really good to watch, especially with man united playing very attractive football.
I think the best league is the EPL, if you watch a game between 2 non title candidates you will not get bored, that doesnt happen in La Liga.
For example you can watch Fulham vs Middlesbrough and you know it will be a good game, in change you watch Zaragoza vs Bilbao you know you will get bored.

Another point to EPL is the fact is more competitive than Italian or Spanish,
Barca destroyed Atletico last weekend (0-6) i think that score you will rarely see in Barclays.
In Italy or Spain the top teams are playing just to beat 2 or three teams cause the others will be easyly beaten, and to beat European clubs.
In EPL every game is a final, top teams can lose with Bottom teams (West Ham - Man u) it is cause of the level of the league.
Plus 3 of 4 semifinalists in UCL were english.

I think the league with the best players is Serie A cause of the several teams containing world class players (Milan, Inter, Juve, Roma, Lazio).
I think the most interesting league is FA PREMIER LEAGUE
& Divizia A coz i know the players
Mancheste United
Steaua Bucuresti
How can the 'Premiership'? Only two teams all season had a chance of winning the league?

And then Liverpool and Arsenal play-off every season for 3rd.4th spot and the rest just fight among themselves?

The play is, in the majority boring. Apart from Tottenham this season, every team has played hoof football.

In my opinion, the only reason it is so popular is because Sky have a match on every other minute and even when the matches end up crap, they bum it to high heaven.

I think, probably biased, that the eircomLeague (ROI) is the best league in the world.
Not that its a bad game or anything but there are too many competitions and too many games in the english premiership football. There should be fewer games in the premiership/champoinship (perhaps reducing the number of teams in each league to 15 or 16) so the season doesn't have to run so long and do away with the carling cup which is really a waste of time.

The premiership league is the best. The straight elimiation (OK some are over 2 legs) of the other leagues mean that its not the best team that wins because a lot of luck is involved. The league has enough matches that it reduces the element of luck.

I suppose while poeple attend all these matches and pay lots of bucks to do so this isn't going to happen any time soon and I know a number of people that struggle to get tickets to matches for the team they support.

the players also play too much football although can't honestly say I've got sympathy with them with that why earn (although I have to feel for talented players being brought for megabucks by clubs like Chelsea only so they can spend the season sitting on the bench)
Well Football is an interesting game and well as far as leagues is concerned , The English PremierShip is my choice . Its the fastest and most interesting one. This year there was a fight between chelsea and Manchester united till the end for the spot of the champion . But atlast It was Manchester united that got it. I support chelsea though .
Beside leagues of the countried I love to watch Championsleague matches.
La Liga, ofcourse, good football, nice matches. Nice teams.
I prefer "tippe ligaen". Its the norwegian league and im an odd fan, so thats why I prefer it. (By the way, im also norwegian...)

Odd is not good now, but I hope they get bether soon.
The most spectacular league is the English Premier League, although I support Juventus from the Italian Serie A Razz
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