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Do you believe in "LOVE at first SIGHT"?

I think it is possible but who else does not agree with that?
on rare occasions. but mostly it's just cliche.
it all depends. Most of the time i don't believe it. It just seems weird. But it is possilbe at times but i dont' think it stays love really. I think you lose them fellings after a short while.
"First sight" can only apply to physical attraction. Physical attraction does not equal love. Therefore, no, it's a bunch of BS.

Now.. if there's a mutual strong physical attraction at first sight, and that turns into a serious relationship, where love is involved... that can be misinterpreted as "love at first sight".
ryukenden wrote:
I think it is possible but who else does not agree with that?

I'll get back to you in a few about that... well... if I remember to. Unless I'm too embarassed to afterwards. Wink
We know it's not true, but thinking that it is gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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rslate wrote:
"First sight" can only apply to physical attraction. Physical attraction does not equal love. Therefore, no, it's a bunch of BS.

Well, when people talk about "love at first sight", it includes all sorts of visual clues that go beyond looks. How they move, stand, laugh, facial expressions, style of dress, etc. All of those offer some insight into a person's personality. Often, the "first sight" also involves hearing conversation, books being read, perfomance of a talent and so on.

So why not? It may not be a profound, deep, life long love, but it happens. Sometimes it even works out. I fell in love with my wife while watching her out my window and so far we have 15 years together.
It is possible but you have to make sure that what you feel is love,not infatuation. People can get really attracted by looks at first sight and gt infatuated, not love. So, if you think that you fell in love at first sight, ask yourself is it infatuation?
i believe in that but even if it has happened to me, but sometime i don't have the chance to get it...
I believe that the feelings you feel during "love at first sight" isn't really love. But it gives you this push to actually want to seriously get to know someone on a deeper level. I guess its the potential?
urbanbuddha wrote:
I believe that the feelings you feel during "love at first sight" isn't really love. But it gives you this push to actually want to seriously get to know someone on a deeper level. I guess its the potential?

yes thats right... its just your were atract to that guy/girl.

it will ease quickly.... not like a true love.. some people just kill themselve to forget the one they love... Razz
I think it is possible. However, it depends on how you define love.

What is love? It is a rush of chemicals in the brain or an emotional thing which grows out of attachment and familiarity?

I believe that love develops from a chemical reaction the brain which excites the hormones. It is a purely physical reaction which results in attraction.

This is the basis of love - there must be attraction. And this can happen at first sight.

Then the emotional attachments develop after this happens.

So it is possible to fall in love at first sight. But it is also possible to be attracted to a person at first sight but then lose interest immediately after when you get to know that person.
OF COURSE it's possible.. it's happened to me..

Here's the story...

When I was younger... 20... I worked at a gas station...

There was this girl who would come up and flirt with me all the time... she was ok to hang out with but I wasn't attracted to her. One night she brought up two of her friends... I guess to... show me off or something I dunno...

It was one of her friends that struck me.. it was just one of those things. Her other friend was HOT HOT HOT.. I mean supermodel HOT, but it wasn't her that tugged on my emotional strings it was the other one. Cute as a whip as well.. just not.. well blonde and beautiful.

Anyways after that, She pretty much got the hint that I didn't really want to be close to her so she quit coming around, but the other two girls kept coming. And I started dating the one.. (who is now my wife) but the three of us hung out quite frequently.

Now, I made a big mistake. The other friend (the hot blonde) kept pushing me and pushing me and I ended up cheating on my g/f with her (one of her best friends even) and while she didn't find out, her friend kept manipulating us and ended up sabotaging our relationship. Now I KNEW I was in love with her, but I was still young and dumb and was scared like you wouldn't believe of commitment. Needless to say we ended up breaking up and going our separate ways, and the friend ended up going her way as well.

Years went by, and I missed my wife everyday.. I literally cried myself to sleep on several occasions because I knew I had screwed up and I just couldn't get over her. Every relationship I got into I compared what I felt with what I felt with her.. and every relationship I got into ended because of just that. Once the initial "fun" of someone new wore off, I'd end it.

I went through quite a bit of women that way... and all in all I was lonely. I had heard it through the grapevine that she had gotten married and moved away, but no matter how hard I tried I just COULD NOT get over it.

Well here we are several years later... and I get this email.. from HER... she somehow tracked down my email and sent me one simple message... "Hi.. this is me... want to talk?" When I read that.. my heart.. literally leaped. I literally was shaking.. I was in shock... I read it over and over and just could not believe it.. I finally got the courage to reply and we talked via email for a while.. then AIM... then telephone (I actually switched long distance carriers to save money because of her)...

Come to find out she was married and living in Iowa... and miserable. Her husband was emotionally abusive, and borderline physically abusive.. and all I heard was one horror story after another about him. She was lonely and the only reason she didn't leave him was because she was building a pretty lucrative career in telecom up there.

Then one day.. about a month after we started talking, she got laid off. She said "I'm done... I'm moving back down there.. I have no reason to stay anymore" and she moved down here back in with her parents.. for two days... then she started staying with me and we've been together ever since. She got divorced a short while later. This was about 4 years ago. We've now been marred almost two years and I still love her to death.

We both been through the roughest part of our lives (especially right now) because we can't hold jobs.. we've both been laid off about 6 times during these past few years.. and I'm looking for work right now even... our money situation SUCKS, but we're both happy.. happy to be together.

Oh yeah.. and she DID find out about me and her friend... and she's since forgiven me, and I have no intentions of doing that again. I swore to GOD that if I ever had another chance with her, I wouldn't screw it up... and he granted me that wish... and I'm not going to do it again (of course I don't really need to as she puts me up on a pedestal)

Anyways.. that's my story.. in a nutshell anyway, but as far as love at first sight! YES! I knew the instant I laid eyes on her, I was just too young and immature at the time to really appreciate how important she would be in my life.
Thanks for sharing! That's a really great story!

All the best to you and I do hope your money and job situation works out eventually.
Love at first sight is pretty rare!

In most cases, it is a crush or infatuation at first sight ; For love to develop, the people concerned must understand each other's psyche and habits and learn to adjust to each other. Physical attraction is what gets developed at first sight, but for a relationship to succeed, you need much more! Emotional maturity of the concerned people also plays a big role.
Yeah.. it hit me like a brick... I had had infatuations... or crushes.. before then... but this was totally unlike any other feeling.

As for a job.. just had a really good interview today.. I might be starting next week WOOHOO
good for you.

Hope it all works out.
Its some times true and it can be real love
but its some times fake and still for short time and the mostly of them are teen .....
.................THATS MY OWN OPINION...............
I don't believe that love at first sight .and i also believe in the love so far.
as far as i know about love is that it can't make anything for life. it's just like a piece of an orange .but life is like an orange .but when i was young , i believed that (not love at first sight ).as the result for all is evil for me . Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Jakob [JaWGames]
It depends on how you puts it, I met a very nice girl about a half year ago and when I had talked to her a bit I realised that this was a girl I did like a lot. I wasn't in love with her the first day but I did realise that I maybe would become it in the future.
And some months later I fell in love with her.
all is possible in this life i can believe that some one can love someone from the first sight, but!! but at all we must know what means love? we can't tell that love has a common difenition, some they think that to love is to like someone, some they think that to love is to sleep with someone,.. every one how he thinks about love, but really there is no love Smile now some of you will tll no there is love and will not can to understand me, but there is others who know that really some thing can call love as it must be there is no. because to love as my oppenion is to can't live without your lover, is to can't see meaninig of life without him... a lot of things..
Love at first sight. Love the looks of somone the first time you see them you just want to F*ck them.
Now, Love. Love would be a mental attraction (Not physical) to a member of the opposite sex (Or in some cases otherwise) who you have grown to know over a period of time..There is no LOVE at first sight....THERE IS however
LUST at first sight.....I dont agree with the term love at first sight...Love is a VERY powerful word...
I have never lived something like that, so I don't believe in. But maybe there is somethimg like that, who knows...

And what about the love without a sight? If first sight is enough to love, maybe it is possible too.. Very Happy
it's infatuation at first sight and love at many.....
haven't really found love at first sight. Until I do, I have to say no...
I have seen and felt it only once but I am not sure if it can ever happen again but I will have to just wait and see.
I absolutely believe in love at first sight. I first saw and met my wife 7 years ago when we were in university. I walked into the comptuer lab and saw her working on a paper and had to introduce myself. It was electric, I had to get to know that girl, and I was so happy when she said yes to our first date. She tells me that she felt the same things when she saw me for the first time walking into the computer lab, and was so nervous when I was walking towards her. We have been married now for 2 years, and it has been the best years of my life. We are now working on trying to expand our little family.
I believe in love generally. I believe in pation followed by love.
I do not believe in love at first site. You can not love a person if you do not even know who they are. There is lust at first site, which is an issue. "Why?" you may ask. Because if you lust at first site, you would do almost anything to get that person and then once you get them, you would do almost anything to keep them, including making yourself miserable. This doesn't work out for you or for the other person.
Nah, because I think it's impossible to genuinely love someone without actually knowing them--love at first sight isn't love, it's lust. :p
I honestly do not believe it is possible to find love at first sight. To see someone and immediately be attracted to them is largely different than being in love with them, IE the difference between lust and love.

You can be physically attracted initially which can then lead to you getting to know an individual and perhaps love could develop from there, that could be misconstrued as love at first sight I suppose, or perhaps just memory being altered to fit the scenario that you want to remember.

But in my humble opinion love at first sight is not a feasible outcome in this world.
I agree with those who wrote about what is love at 1st site is not a clear thing...

In my opinion, we are energetical beings... not only a body... if u think love at first sight is just feeling physically attracted by another person, that is crap...

But, actually, the way we move, the way we look at someone or something, may contain a part of our essence, then it is possible to see who r u, and who is he / she... and love at first sight may be just a perception of someone who you really like, as the precious story I just read about!

i think it is impossible for most of's too hard to meet your lover at first sight
meet in rio
Infatuation which leads to love, yes.

Then again, if I actually thought that that giddy lust would last for an entire married life, I'd quite happily marry someone about whom I felt that way. Lust is a perfectly valid form of attraction, it's just that it's short-lived.
i don't believe in love at first sight... however, i do believe in attraction.

"First sight" can only apply to physical attraction. Physical attraction does not equal love. Therefore, no, it's a bunch of BS.

Now.. if there's a mutual strong physical attraction at first sight, and that turns into a serious relationship, where love is involved... that can be misinterpreted as "love at first sight".

very true. if physical attraction is the only thing that you think makes a relationship, then that's not love and i think you need to rethink your idea of love.

i have never had a case of "love at first sight" turn into anything more than a disappiontment. my best relationship has been the one i'm in now, with a guy that i doubted i could date bc i thought he looked odd. after another date or two, we've been inseperable for almost the last two years.
cocobird... I in general agree with you but, the point is that I feel that there can be more than just something physical in that attraction... you know, the way one moves, talks, stares... may contain the expression of our essence, thus that can be perceived and enjoyed... that is my feeling...
I think there is a long history of moments when you can be deceived into thinking your thoughts are genuine, but as Thom Yorke says - 'just cos you feel it, doesnt make it real'. The feelings experienced when you initially meet someone are so bound up in hormones that we are almost spectators to our chemical imbalance - nerves, excitement, endorphins... If we meet someone special it can appear to be love, especially if the feeling continues apace, but personally i think love is something that develops in time and the feelings expeienced in lust/infatuation can be separated. But then im occasionally a cynic, so i could be wrong.

aha, i agree with it.. in this december, i have met my love finally. Actually i know her long for long, just a few months. But i remember the first time i saw her, i already like her. Maybe as someone said, it's rather described as "attraction between us". Anyway, no matter what, i love her and she loves me. That's enough.
i belive in it...
the first time i saw my computer...i knew!
just kidding...(but i realy love my comp Razz)

i had this love...and i think it's the best love ever..
I agree with cocobirdi above there. Very Happy I mean, there's definetly something THERE, when you see someone for the first time and have this urge to know them. But other than physical attraction, I think it also has to do with the impression you get of that person's character. I really like shy, intelligent guys, and I can pretty much tell who those are without even meeting them personally. That's the way I've met most of the guys I dated or had crushes on. After I saw them I wanted to get to know them, and I did, and more often than not my impressions had been correct.

In stories like Romeo and Juliet, it's really just lust. Do you ever hear them talk about how they love each other's personalities? No, of course not.


But i guess it depends oh how you define love.

I fall in love with everyone I talk to.. its one of my biggest downfalls... but i love the emotional roller coaster... what better way to live life eh?
depends. if the two are of same time than this might happend.
Nope, you can only love by knowing the other person and not being able to live without them
Utter Crap and Bull Shit!

That is all I got to say about Love at First Sight.

Come on people, In today's world, forget the first sight. People dont even love anyone else anymore. All that matters to them is their own life. They dont give a crap to someone else's feelings.
Marriage in today's world is just an excuse to escape the torture loneliness causes and nothing else. Love is ceasing to exist as it always had. It sounds so pathetic when one says I really love that other person. It doesnt make sense at all because those people who talk about love themselves dont know the definition of love.

I aint saying I do and I dont want to know either. Life is good without it.
Basically love at first sight can only happen to blind people (blind by the brain).
I read some years ago that each person has an image of his/her beloved in the heart so that when they do meet, it is going to be a marriage made in heaven.

But it was a poet who wrote that and I am not drawn to poetry.

Anyhow, if there is such a thing as love at first sight, then I may have been looking in the wrong places.
It was love at first site with my wife, no question about it... I think she'd say the same. I hope anyway. Smile
"In love" at first sight, yeah! When I met my boyfriend after two weeks of chatting (yeah, met him via the Internet). When he took off his sunglasses I thought: "Oh my, oh my! I'm gonna faint!" Laughing
That aint first sight. You must have already seen him on the net and even if you didnt you must have definitely spoken to him.

What people mean here by first sight is...
You are passing on a pavement heading for your work when there is a flash and you see this person and your flat down. You are so flat down that you dont notice the electric pole in front of you and bang into it nose front and start bleeding!

Did that happen to you? If it did, then your in the list. Very Happy
I basically think all love starts fomr 1st sight. So why isn't it true?
Love ,I think that depends on the definition of it, there is a fast hungry love for fullfilment , and a slow learning mature love ,solid steel.

life vary with lot's of options ,i think that's the beuty not knowing where it will lead ,what hides around the corner , LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT exists.
well id like to think that it's possible, but the chances of it actually happening are very very minuscule. Of course that doesn't mean one can be confused by something very much like it.
Do you believe in sight at first love?
I do believe love at first sight...Because I'm experiencing it right now...Before this even though I've met many girls but this girl is the only girl that makes my heart beats faster that ever..Because actually I'm kind of a shy guy,so I've never have the gut to approach and confess to a girl before this..Just for this wonderful girl,I've put all my life to express my feeling towards her and ............I've got rejected..She said that maybe we can be good friends..just good friend of her..
I don't know how to explain this but till now I still can't forget her..Plus she just live in the same building with me..For God sake she studies other course..If not..Till now it is already two weeks passed by..but I still keep dreaming about her in my dreams...
Friends suggested that I've just forget about this girl and find another ones..But it seems impossible as she is my first love...
I think love at first sight is BS. It might be "infatuation at first sight" but I think love requires a lot more than just seeing someone and liking what you see.
I think that there is love at first site but, I think it is difficult to ID it. How do do you know it is not lust or infatuation?

I met my wife that way. It was something I resisted but after I checked all of the "logical" things out and did the check list thing. All pointed to wait and I did it anyway.... 20+ years later I think that there must be something to that opposites attract thing. We compliment each other well. Laughing Laughing
I dont believe in love at first may like someone but true love comes after time.How can you love someone if you just saw them?It is the character that matters the most Smile
I don't believe in it, you can have that moment when you see someone and are like 'wow i love you' but that's just the initial physical attraction, only when you get to know them can it be love.

It's lust not love.[/u]
"love at first sight" is posible for little counties. if you dont have more alternative, you may fall in love at first sight.
I believe in lust at first site but not love...i believe to truly love someone you need to get to know their personality not just the way they look or act... like and lust are much different then love...

honestly how can it be anything more then lust at first sight... you see the person and you all of a sudden love them for the way they look...that is not love my friends... am i right or am i wrong? come on...honestly...

you are lusting after this person if you have just seen them once or twice and never talked to just want to be with them for the way they can that be love?
love is emotional so it is more like lust at first sight...

although I have to admit I have seen people I did not have an initial tingle over but was interested in meeting for some reason...

but first site would be re: attraction not re: what the person is about and spending time and etc.

I guess it depends on what you mean by love

but I have seen lots of people worth lusting over LOL
Its just an attraction towards the other gender... thats it. We take this as an opportunity to know the person who attracted you and try to have the relationship.

In white words its sexual attraction towards the other gender.

I read somewhere that male gets attracted to a women at first sight itself but not women.

Women take atleast 2 ...3 times of meetings .. then they decide...

And after all...

how can you fall in love at a first sight without knowing anything about that person.

Its all sexual attraction... thats it ..!
I think love at first sight is quite superficial, if that regards to the outer appearence of the person.
But sometimes, if there's this connection straight away, i think love at first sight would work too.
lust at first sight.
I beleive in that , but not with all people .... Confused
Hell ya I believe in it, when I see a hella hot body, thats true love right thur.
yeah, only in rare occasions, but when it's happened, it's filled with romance
Nope Cool Twisted Evil
It's not a matter of whether you believe in "love at first sight" or not. It's rather whether "love at first sight" believes in you!
You don't find finds you.
Heart Ticket
ryukenden wrote:
I think it is possible but who else does not agree with that?

Nope i don't. I believe you need to get to know someone before you can really love someone but i don't know it might be possible

Yes I believe in Love at the first sight!
But the real true love can be the one which comes over time. Embarassed
Heart Ticket
kurdt78 wrote:
Yes I believe in Love at the first sight!
But the real true love can be the one which comes over time. Embarassed

Well thats basically what i was trying to say but shorter and explained better... well done

I believe in love at first sight. But this rarely happens.
i don't believe in love at first sight...maybe lust but not love. it takes time to love someone and that means getting to know them and who they really are. not just what they look like.
Boomstick wrote:
Hell ya I believe in it, when I see a hella hot body, thats true love right thur.

Is this a serious post? Shocked

Mr. Green Seems funny in the first glance. Laughing Hilarious when you contemplate on it. Brick wall Thanks for the laughters and the smiles.

d'oh! Indeed, truth is stranger than fiction. Hehehe... Laughing Eh?
I think you can't fall in love with people on the first sight. You see a person and you will get an affection but that's all. If you get to know her a little bit better then you have a crush to her. And finally, if you both know eachother for long time and can't imagen life without eachother then you are in love.

Basic model:
affection>crush>love. Very Happy

So I think that falling in love at first sight is impossible.
No, love is so over-rated it's the pathetic. People are only out for looks maybe personality or a trophy wife. If you actually find someone that is totally interested in you that'd be a shocker.
of course not, atraction at first sight yes, but not love
I believe in lust at first sight.....But love? hasn't happened o me yet
i sort of believe in love at first sight..
of course guys like me see attractive women all the time, but sometimes we see some that really catch our eyes and we do anything we can to get to know them. its not really love at first sight.. its more of a strong desire to get to know them and then fall in love with them.
I've heard lots of stroies "love at first sight"
and I belive it only story
I hav't experienced "love at first sight"
my girlfriend and me fall in love after we knew each other about 6 months
ang we now happy Wink

I don't really believe in love at first sight! When you first see a person, you only get to see the outside of that person! Yes, there are millions of hot girls or sexy boys out there! But can you say you fall in love with someone just because he/she looks good?? I think that's rubbish! Childish! You may like a person and then, after you get to know that person better, you may fall in love. But saying that you can fall in love at first sight, it seems a little superficiall. You can't judge a person by the way he looks. You might like the face, but hate the inside as well as you can hate the face, but love the inside.

Good luck in falling in love! Smile
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