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How long does it take?

I've had a few questions about directories of late. A big thanks to all who have responded and answered my questions,
I'm starting to get a complex here.
I first read about directories about 2 weeks ago and have submitted to about 10 since, you know, just to see what it's all about.
Well of that 10, only 1 has posted my site.
Now, it has been the "free" listings I've wanted, but does that make a difference?
I can't think of a reason they wouldn't post my site. It's just a fan-site of the New Orleans Saints, nothing inappropriate.
Do these things just take awhile?
I’ve been thinking about the same thing these days… My friend hosted her website with very quality content (student projects and articles) and she submitted for free only to one search engine (Google). The website was listed in results only after two days and she had a lot of visitors. That didn’t last for long because after two or three days she was omitted from the index… I tried to help you and figure out what happened. We trued to submit again but still no results.
I would like to recommend you a free book; you can find it at As I could see by now there’s a lot of recommended things you should be aware of when designing you website. For example, you should choose good key words and include them in meta keyword tag. The contents of meta description tags are indexed by some search engines as the page description in its search engine results and you should include the most important keywords at the beginning of the tag.
Link popularity is also very important. You should try to exchange links with quality websites with similar content as yours.
Free submissions don’t guarantee inclusion. Some search engines don’t guarantee inclusion even if you pay, they just say they will review it and accept it after few weeks.
There is also free SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) software that might help.
Well, I've been doing some investigating, and it seems that these directories are all manually updated. No automation. That way a person checks out the submitted site and determines if it gets added. Some directories can take a month to process.
And, since I'm cheap, I opted for the "Free" option on all those directories. That means my site goes to the bottom of the list- after all the paid ones get submitted.
Directories will ususally accept your site if you meet their requirements. It also can take from a few hours to a few weeks for your site to be listed. All depends on the site. As for search engine indexing, that'll take much longer. Yahoo works faster than the other search engines in spidering... google is by far the slowest to spider your site due to the massive queue in line. So this can take months.

Some other directories require reciprical links.. meaning link backs. So they'll only consider linking to you if you link to them 1st. read their requirements too. Some require a minimum page rank for listing.
Typically it's going to be 6-8 days depending on IP refresh. I've seen results as short as 12 hours and as long as 14 days.
I've also submitted my site to several of these directories a few days ago. So far none have listed mine yet. For those who have gotten listed, how much traffic does it bring? Did your pagerank increase?
Hello Bofia,

Depending on the popularity of the directories, it can bring you a lot of visitors as well as...none ! new automated-PHP-script-driven free directories show up every day, and won't drive traffic to your site. Human-driven directories take more time to update their pages but are much more valuable.
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