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Nas (Nasir Jones)

I got to say, that he has had a good carrear, since illmatic, to now. I saw yesterday the video for "Hip Hop is Dead" I love it. Very original with the "illigal" copies of hip hop and all that. If you have not seen it, head on to youtube and search it.

But right after illmatic, i got to say tha God's son is a great album that has gone underated. Even Hip-Hop/Rap fans have not paid attention to.

I can't wait for the that album. I've heard a couple of tracks that have leaked. They are pretty cool.

(Please stay on topic, this is Nas, not the most underated rappers, or albums. I know this forum always goes off topic. And please if you "hate" rap, do not reply.)

I usually don't like rap, but did he sing an extremely excellent song called "I Know I Can"?
that song really inspired me to do what ever i want Very Happy
todabeat wrote:
that song really inspired me to do what ever i want Very Happy

Me too, its so fabulous. It showed me that I don't have to be what other people want me to be, I can be however I wish to be. If that is what other people don't want, then quite simply tough.

I think the classical part sets it apart from all other songs. I haven't heard it in a while though so cannot really remember what it sounded like. I'm inspired to buy it now, so when I go into town tomorrow I'll do just that Very Happy
YEAAAH, go and buy Nas . hehehe.
I cant wait for him to release his tour dates, to see if he is coming to San Diego
OK, I know you said no nas-hating, and i don't think it is, but i'll ask anyway:

Has Nas recently brought out a song, and in the video he has all of his teeth jeweled?

If so, what is it called? I was on the phone whilst it was playing so the volume was on mute, but of what video I seen, I really disliked it (all 10 seconds of it).
There's only one nas song that I can stomach.
I think it's called "shoot em up". Dunno what album it's from, but i used to love it, during my teens
Album drops today Smile
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