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What kind of computers at school?

What kind?
 30%  [ 7 ]
 8%  [ 2 ]
Mac of some sort
 8%  [ 2 ]
 8%  [ 2 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 13%  [ 3 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
 30%  [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 23

Okay if you go to school what kind of comps do they got there?
My school has dells (Bleh!)
My last school had crapier dells (Bleh'er!)
My and the one before that had Really outdated macs(oh god!) and Pentium 2's. (That was only 4 years ago!)
We have dells and Macs for labtops and some carts of dells laptops in it to. There good and not slow so I cant complain. My last school had some slow slow compuer in some rooms but in the library they had some nice ones.
My last 2 schools have had custom built "thin clients" with no hard drives. None of them have had any sign saying what company built them... so I guess the school pretty much put them together themselves.
arkebuzer wrote:
My last 2 schools have had custom built "thin clients" with no hard drives. None of them have had any sign saying what company built them... so I guess the school pretty much put them together themselves.
well i think thats kind of like our schools comps... they got a server room and crap.. but they got server space for everyone on the Novell network (i hate novell >.<)
My school uses something like 200/300 IBM's and uses windows, but uses a Linux server as the main server. They also have something like 50 laptops too, all IBM's.
My school has about 100-200 Dell PCs. The computer labs all have Dells and all the teachers have Dells in their classrooms. We do also have like 100 eMacs, too though. But those are mainly used for work. lol. The Dells are slow, but its probably due to the fact that a lot of people are online at the same time. (ie other school's within the same district) But they're fine in terms of performance, availability and handiness. But I wish they would upgrade all the PCs to Windows XP, though. (Currently they're running Windows 2000 Rolling Eyes )
We have Dells everywhere. The school's ICT is sponsored my Microsoft. We have like decicated 3 servers, just to run our schools web!
Heh dells everywhere! Also all our comps run Novell with realvnc server and a bunch of other crap... its funny tho.
Yup dells here too Laughing
Well my school has the I minis i think its called from apple. The newest moddles ( in my video production class we have about 12 with 3 more on the way.
there are 7 computer room in my collage, 2 of them have the best HP computer, but HP laser printer and a scaner... but these 2 computer room is only for language programs...

for the people like me - computing program's students, only can use very old HP computer here, no printer, no saner....
I can't remember what the special ones in the music are but mostly around our school we have RMs (Research Machines) and they are terrible. I guess I don't really complain though because it's hard to run out of computers in our school, we have quite a few rooms full of them including lots of laptops and wireless network points... makes working on things a lot easier.
My school has various brands, but most of the newer ones are unbranded (no visible branding on the case, the bit where the logo's meant to be is an empty square). Some of the older computers include store-built computers like PC World, as well as Acers. Most of the newer computers run Windows XP, but the older ones use Windows 2000. In total, there's about 600 computers at my school.

Not that it matters for me, I have my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop I use at school Very Happy

What I found interesting was that my school names their servers after Simpsons characters. The main student file server (for our home drives) is called Apu, the Internet proxy is Moe, the printer server is Marge, the NETLOGON server and domain controllers are Bart, Apu, Barney, and others (can't remember the names), the Internet server is Ned, the Intranet server is Homer. Public data (as well as teachers' home drives) is stored on Lisa.
We have gateway in the drafting room and dells throughout the rest of the school. I hate dells so much the gateways are actually pretty good though.
Mine had custom built because (I think so) they are cheap.
{name here}
My elementary and junior high schools was run with Apple IIGSes with a couple IBM PC/XTs in some areas of the school. Once I got to high school it was PC/ATs and in College it was Power Macintoshes.
Most of the PC's from my school are of various companies, and mostly second hand. Slowly, there has been an addition of 1 or 2 Dell New XP Pc's. other than that, most of them are Win 95, 98, Rarely ME. All P2 or P3.

All the Office & Administrators have New Flat Screen Dells. Including the Nurse and all that, Students have to use the out dated ones and few get a chance to go on the new ones which of course provokes fights to see who gets it.

More senior students go into the Mac Lab, which are 1980s Macs & G3's. Few iMacs (if your lucky enough), my old Elementary had only iMacs.

The rival school (lucky son of a gun) get G3/G4 iBooks and a near modern Mac Lab. Mostly G3's and iMacs.
I'll start from top to bottom.

Our newest computers are Optima's or something, with 2.4ghz, 512mb Ram, crappy hard-drives (but it stores all its' crap on the network anyway), integrated vid cards, and crap-ass mono speakers. We have 2 labs of 16 of those computers.

Next we have the middle-class Optima's... designed for Windows 98, but we stuck in 256mb memory sticks and imaged them all into XP. They all still work relatively fine, but they're something like 800mhz and suck badly. They're all crammed into the Library, and some in classrooms.

We also have iMac's (and 3 eMac's), all crap and old; about 16 of them in 1 lab.

Then we have the computer graveyard, full of 1MB memory sticks, 40mb hard-drives the size of your head, about 50 monitors, half of them working... tons and tons of stuff.

We had Dell's at my college and we had Gateway's when I was in HS
well wen i bought it, it was of compaq (s3210in), but as soon as the warranty ended, i upgraded it, and now it resembles to an assembled computer
we've been using compaq computers at school. at work, we use apple computers.
we have apples in the video production room. We also have dell laptops. (i forgot about them two)
Our school uses dell...all of our classrooms uses dell. Well, some of us hated dell because we could hardly install LINUX... Smile
my school: SAC uses dells
everything is a dell
At college, we use mainly Dells, which are okay, they are quite fast, you know, just about bearable.

Then we have a few eMacs too, which is okay, although I'm not really a regular user of Macs.
In computing classes we use Macs.

Windows 98s for teachers and in the library.

Pretty sucky.
some M3 computers
they aren't too bad... they could be better though.
Gateway - all have Windows XP Professional (I think) on them. I know it's xp for sure, not sure which edition.

They're about a year old (some are new this year)
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