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What is your favorite car

in every reply, you have to have a link of the car you love, and u have to state a special reason "y" u love this car... Very Happy Very Happy

i love this car because of all the other aston's, this 1 has the best shape. Very Happy
S3nd K3ys
Do you mean cars I own/drive, cars I've owned/driven, or cars I want to own/drive?


1) GMC 2500 HDDD 4x4

2) Same

3) Any exotics from Italy or Germany, or a Vette.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
Do you mean cars I own/drive, cars I've owned/driven, or cars I want to own/drive?


1) GMC 2500 HDDD 4x4

2) Same

3) Any exotics from Italy or Germany, or a Vette.

no which cars u love,ur favorite, da ones you like
IMHO the 1993 Lister Storm; not only a supercar in looks and speed, but is said to have a luxurious interior worthy of a Rolls. Also, only 4 were made, what do you think one would go for?
Alfa Romeo Spider, especially model from 1969.
1964 Chevy Impala. I have always loved these cars. It's just too bad I'll never be able to afford one. lol
My favorite cars:

1) Knight Rider KITT

2) Saab, the future!

3) Porsche 911

3 super trademarks, and the three best cars!
lambourghini diablo, because of the doors and it's look.

I own four of them already, I am refinancing my house and selling my children for a fifth one.
maclaren f1.

find somethin wrong with tht car Cool
sorry no time to post links Crying or Very sad

then wud cum Murcielago, and Bugatti Veyron and Enzo and F50 and CLK-GTR Twisted Evil
There are a few cars that I love. Do you remember the begginning of the 80's? The Group B Rally Championship? I love those cars: brute force, no driving helsp, all functionality, no adorns... around 450bhp in many cases. Cars created only for the most skillfull pilots. And the beggining of the all wheel drive cars. This championship only lasted for 3 years: too many kills.

Cars such as the Lancia 037, Lancia Delta S4, Audi Rally S1 Quattro, Ford RS200, Peugeot 205 T16 EVO, Porsche 959, Renault 5 Turbo...

Watch some pics...






There were even 4 Ferraris racing in this category. The Michelotto's UltraLightWeight Ferraris 308 GTB. And the well known GTO was created with this purpose, but never raced (what a pity!!!)

There are some Gr.B videos in youtube. These are some of them:

Hope you enjoy them!!!
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution .....
Cool sporty Design ..inspite I m a bit crazy
the cars that i just love are:

1st would be the future saab aero-x. It is just toooo good. A picture of it is already posted in this topic. The pivoting canopy top is not the only speciality of this fantastic car. It's interior is just killer. It is a combination of black and aqua. The meters light up only when the engine starts. It is just out of this world.

2nd would have to be the SLR Mclaren. Its the ultimate combination of mercedes' grace and Mclaren's performance.

3rd would be the Buggati Veyron. POWER. That's all that can be said about it.
Well I think my would have to be the 1994 Dodge Dauer 962 LeMans. Mostly because its the fastest 0 to 60 street legal car and because it looks pretty cool.

It's hard to pick just 1 favorite car for a car junkie. I'll post specific cars from different countries.

1. 2004 Nissan Skyline GTR BNR34 Z-Tune edition. Why? Cause this car is only limited to 20 in the whole world, is one of the fastest street legal cars offered from the factory and AWD to boot. This is one monster that is to be reckoned with. Not bad for a Inline-6 engine huh?

2. I know it's not out yet but it has been already physically made but it would have to be the new Camaro coming out in 2010. I love the agressive looks of this vehicle and yet still have that retro design. Simply awesome, best looking Camaro in my opinion of all time.

3. 68-69 RS/SS Camaro conversion. My favorite classic car of all time, followed closely by the Eleanor Ford GT500. Two most beautiful classic cars to me.

4. Lamborghini Murciélago, the best yet from the running bull company. Absolutely beautiful lines with the power to back it up.

5. Saleen S7, for a million bucks, what do you expect? Exactly

Damn these are just some of my favorites. I couldn't pick the best cause they all have certain qualities that make them all unique.
If its cars we owned i would have to say my current escort mk5b.
I love this car because of the endless possibilities available to modify & transform what is quite a plain car into your own creation. Whether this be by subtle changes like skirts & grills to the more extreme bodykits & modifications i have done.
Below are the two pics of mine before when standard & after my mods.


If its a car i would love to own it would have to be my cars close relation, the escort cosworth, due to its looks,handling & power.
1973 valiant charger 770, with either 340-4bbl or 265 hemi with E49 spec cam and 3 webber 2-bbl carbs and a 4-spd gearbox.

Original faded paint (any color), grey primer over any rust repairs and alloy road wheels with raised white letter tires on them.

An anti-ricer, if you will.
Lovin the jaguar XK

Without A Doubt 1965 A.C. Cobra 427.

I love this car because it is the best car that I can buy in my life. The better ones are very hard to buy.
Mitsubishi Eclipse

I love that car. (If only I could afford it)
My favorurite car is the Peugeot 206!! the best car ever!!
My favorurite is the porche carrera GT
and lotus exige s,ferrari 599,lamborghini gallardo,pagani zonda

I have many favourite cars... I can name a couple of them... peugeot 206... Toyota corolla... Ford focus... most of them are rally cars... Know im useing a peugeot 206... its pretty good!! I love it!
my favourite car is TATA SAFARI. it is a SUV. it looks very good. and i will going to buy it whenever i get my job...

abhi Rolling Eyes
1972 Dodge Dart. You have to love true American Muscle, and nothing beats the sound of a 440 ci big block.
Bilskirmir wrote:
1972 Dodge Dart. You have to love true American Muscle, and nothing beats the sound of a 440 ci big block.
Umm no offence mate, but you couldnt get a 440 in a dart in '72.

Excellent taste tho.
I like this one Embarassed:

Looks like I'm the only who'd want a big jacked up truck..

The truck with a blown 5.4 so I could have a nice 450 horses, with those 44" super swampers, and the 14" of lift.. Something that all my friends could drive in.. And we could go on road.. And if we see some mud, we could go right off the road and go drive around in it and not get stuck..
koenigsegg CCR

Mmmmmm ..... what a set of wheels

Best car I have owned is a Mazda 323f 1.5 16v GXi (also known as an Astina). I miss that car.
My favorite would have to be any car produced by BMW. I love the style of the cars and the way they ride. Can't wait till I get one. The SUV's arn't really in my line of interest I just like the cars they have. Also Ferrari has amazing cars that look great so it is a tough choice to make with all of these wonderful cars on the market. Very Happy
2007 Pontiac Solstice. I'm a Pontiac fan. I like this car more then I do the corvette. Color : I would like to have Jet Black

A factory five shelby cobra kit car would be my car of choice. with the kit you can effectively build any type of car out of this

My favourite car would be all the turbocharged performance cars starting with the subaru wrx

An then following that is the RWD skylines or RWD battys Very Happy D1NZ on Very Happy
My favourtie car is the Porsche G3. I saw it yesterday in an expo and its damn ****** good! But for now is just a dream!
My fav car: Dodge Viper
cuz of its aggresive looks
Choosing my favourite car is so hard.

I will have to go for:

1. The Bugatti Veyron for its amazing speed
2. The Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder for the fact that it looks amazing
3. The Koenigsegg CCR for the fact it has a bigger power to weight ratio than the Bugatti

I beg anyone to differ.
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